Not how I had hoped
to spend my weekend.

I’ve had this annoying nagging feeling of a headache trying to come on most of the week and it was aggravating me.  I thought I had it under control and still would be able to hang with my girlfriends downtown Saturday night for fun!  I was partially right.  It took me over twenty minutes to find a parking place close to the restaurant downtown and that would be close to any bar we decided to venture in after dinner.  There’s been some crime popping up downtown lately so I wanted us all to play it safe so no one was hurt on our fun night out.  (Even Superdad’s office at work was one of the places hit a week ago and his desk was gone through.)

So, I had my nagging headache feeling again and no medicine on me because I had switched to my “Going Out, I can Dance Purse” before heading out leaving the purse with everything in it at home which made me not have any medicine on me.  Very stupid on my part but some bars go through your bag when you enter and I didn’t want my pill box gone through or perhaps taken away thinking it was drugs. 

I even asked the restaurant for their first aid kit hoping there was some ibuprofen in it.  Nope, they wouldn’t give me any ibuprofen and they had IT to give!  I offered to sign a waiver and give them a kid but they wouldn’t budge.  I even offered the waitress money for some.  Yes, I was desperate because my head was starting to hurt.

Luckily the TWO Mudslide Martinis that I enjoyed relieved any sign of a headache that was forming.   Vodka + Chocolate = Instant Stress Relief.  Ha ha.  The food at Pack's Tavern was delicious!!!!  I dined on Crab Cakes, Collards, Tomato & Cucumber Salad and Peanut Butter Pie for dessert.  I now must take Superdad there to eat on our next date night!!!!  It was awesome!!!!  How come we haven’t dined there before is what I want to know????  So, I’m going to take Superdad out soon!

After we all walked to another place that has karaoke because we had people that wanted to sing.  Me, NOT being one of them, but you knew this already about me.  The place was nice but they allowed smoking and it really made me physically sick.  I stood outside on the sidewalk and talked to my friends through the open bar area because I couldn’t stand to be in the smoking.  So, the headache was back and I was starting to get physically sick with a migraine.  Yay me!  Notice the sarcasm!

I finally couldn’t take it anymore and had someone walk me to my car so I could head home.  I walked in the door before midnight, took my meds, grabbed some ice packs and rested my head in Superdad’s lap until we headed to bed around 2am.  We were watching The Social Network during all this time.

Fast forward to Sunday and there’s no FOOD in the house so Superdad wants us to go out for brunch then hit the grocery store.  I’m feeling pretty good so I agree.  Yeah, after brunch and a bunch of coffee the headache is back and I’m just ready to throw it all up. 

Superdad takes me home.

I end up taking more medicine when I get home and go into a drug induced sleep that lasts all day on the couch. 

So, yeah the weekend didn’t go as planned.

Luckily, I’m planning our yearly trip to Pigeon Forge, TN with the kids so it will make up for this past weekend.