Father’s Day and a special birthday.

Yesterday not only did we get to celebrate Father’s day but we were able to celebrate my Mamaw turning 82.  It was an extremely special time because we all know how special my Mamaw is to me and my children.  And we all know how special the dads are in the family. 

We enjoyed a nice brunch at a restaurant close to the house, where I enjoyed a Bloody Mary at noon, that serves really delicious food.  They may not be in any hurry to take your order or bring your food but it’s delicious when it comes.  In fact I think we all were a member of the Clean Plate club!  They even brought my Mamaw a piece of cheesecake to enjoy for her birthday.  (**We did have carrot cake waiting for us when we made it back to my house.**)

My Mamaw's birthday cake.

Superdad's Father's Day cake.

After all of this excitement Superdad went on a LONG bike ride and I took a nap with Baby M and Sophie on the couch.  It was just what I needed because I haven’t been myself lately.  I’ve been wondering if I should call my doc and make an appointment to talk more about my depression and anxiety medication because it feels like it’s not working.  But it also could be that the kids are out of school and I’m out of my daily schedule.  I will give it a few more days and go from there.

I am just thankful that I have friends and family around to help take care of me when I’m in a place that I cannot explain.  It’s very hard to deal with when you are alone. 

On another note, my daughter was accepted into UNCA as well as Mars Hill.  I think that UNCA will be our pick; it all depends on scholarship money and how much it will cover for this first year of college.  Sigh.  It’s all such a complicated process. 
Anyway, it’s Monday.  Enjoy.


Mom with a Dot said…
Lovely Cake! Glad you had such a wonderful time. You even mentioned the 'D' word. I'd like to believe I am suffering from depression too, but never actually formally dealt with it. Jealous of you on two counts - one, you are at peace with yourself to put it out in the open and secondly, you have a group of friends who know what you must be going through. Hang in there SuperMom! There are those like me, that draw inspiration from you :) !!
Supermom said…
Thank you!!! I've been dealing with depression since I had my second child, 14 years ago, and it hasn't been easy.

I hope that you find some comfort as you deal with it.

Mary Jane said…
I think it must be something in the air because I have been sad lately too! It is such a strange thing because I step back and look at my wonderful life and there is no reason to be sad at all, but all I want to do is eat Vosges chocolate and sleep!
I hate to fight chocolate and sleep (my two bestest buddies) but I am determined to WIN back my joy!
Hope you feel better soon!
Supermom said…
MJ ~ Hmmm. I should think like you and win my joy back.

How are you like those Vosges bars?