Buyer’s Remorse?

**Since originally writing, on paper, this post at my gynecologist’s office I have since changed my mind after having to deal with two crying children and one hormonal teenage daughter.  No way in hell do I feel sad that I don’t have a uterus so that I can have a baby that will turn into a ungrateful needy human being that talks back to me.**

I hate going to my gynecologist because all I see are pregnant women, rubbing their large bellies so proud that they are populating the world.

Or even when you hear a congrats to someone finding out that they are in fact pregnant as if their missed period didn’t tip them off. 

It makes me sad.

It makes me regret having a hysterectomy.

Even though I just turned 38 I would have loved to have had the chance to have more children even if I never did.  As least it would have been my choice. 

Now that’s just impossible because that requires a uterus and since it’s not magically growing back I won’t be getting pregnant again.

I’m just not ready for this stage in my life where I wait patiently as my children grow into adults, hopefully mature adults, find the right person (after getting their degrees in college), get married (sure, why not) and give me some grandbabies.

Is this like buyer’s remorse?

Can I have my uterus back?