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Wordless Wednesday

A Day in My Life, June12,2012

Not how I had hoped
to spend my weekend.

Tattoo Make-Over ?

Wordless Wednesday

Father’s Day and a special birthday.

I think I am beginning to worry...

Wordless Wednesday

Buyer’s Remorse?

And it was good.

Graduation Day

Happy Birthday to my
Beautiful Daughter!

There is no easy way to say this....

Pretty in Pink

One of my favorite things...

I love echinacea.

Before and After Basil

Before and After Cilantro

Baby M does her B's

Wordless Wednesday

Day 1

Rules for playing outside while
on Summer Break.

I will miss you Richard.

The rules of Summer Break are

Walking on a beach at night.

Pfft. He doesn’t know what
he is talking about.

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