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A Day in My Life, June12,2012

Last night I braved those pesky mosquitoes and took some pictures of my flowers.  Some are in pots and some are in the ground, imagine that.  I love seeing them grow and bloom!

A rose plant given to me by my Internet friend Laurel.

Not how I had hoped
to spend my weekend.

I’ve had this annoying nagging feeling of a headache trying to come on most of the week and it was aggravating me.  I thought I had it under control and still would be able to hang with my girlfriends downtown Saturday night for fun!  I was partially right.  It took me over twenty minutes to find a parking place close to the restaurant downtown and that would be close to any bar we decided to venture in after dinner.  There’s been some crime popping up downtown lately so I wanted us all to play it safe so no one was hurt on our fun night out.  (Even Superdad’s office at work was one of the places hit a week ago and his desk was gone through.)

So, I had my nagging headache feeling again and no medicine on me because I had switched to my “Going Out, I can Dance Purse” before heading out leaving the purse with everything in it at home which made me not have any medicine on me.  Very stupid on my part but some bars go through your bag when you enter and I didn’t want my pill box gone through or perhaps taken away thinking it was drugs. 

I even asked the restaurant for their first aid kit hoping there was some ibuprofen in it.  Nope, they wouldn’t give me any ibuprofen and they had IT to give!  I offered to sign a waiver and give them a kid but they wouldn’t budge.  I even offered the waitress money for some.  Yes, I was desperate because my head was starting to hurt.

Luckily the TWO Mudslide Martinis that I enjoyed relieved any sign of a headache that was forming.   Vodka + Chocolate = Instant Stress Relief.  Ha ha.  The food at Pack's Tavern was delicious!!!!  I dined on Crab Cakes, Collards, Tomato & Cucumber Salad and Peanut Butter Pie for dessert.  I now must take Superdad there to eat on our next date night!!!!  It was awesome!!!!  How come we haven’t dined there before is what I want to know????  So, I’m going to take Superdad out soon!

Tattoo Make-Over ?

Eleven years ago I got a tattoo on my lower back and two kids later (and of course eleven years) it's not looking like it did when I first sat straddling a chair for two hours.  I want to have it covered up.  Problem is, covering it up would make it a bit bigger. 

This is what I have:

Father’s Day and a special birthday.

Yesterday not only did we get to celebrate Father’s day but we were able to celebrate my Mamaw turning 82.  It was an extremely special time because we all know how special my Mamaw is to me and my children.  And we all know how special the dads are in the family. 

We enjoyed a nice brunch at a restaurant close to the house, where I enjoyed a Bloody Mary at noon, that serves really delicious food.  They may not be in any hurry to take your order or bring your food but it’s delicious when it comes.  In fact I think we all were a member of the Clean Plate club!  They even brought my Mamaw a piece of cheesecake to enjoy for her birthday.  (**We did have carrot cake waiting for us when we made it back to my house.**)

My Mamaw's birthday cake.

Superdad's Father's Day cake.

After all of this excitement Superdad went on a LONG bike ride and I took a nap with Baby M and Sophie on the couch.  It was just what I needed because I haven’t been myself lately.  I’ve been wondering if I should call my doc and make an appointment to talk more about my depression and anxiety medication because it feels like it’s not working.  But it also could be that the kids are out of school and I’m out of my daily schedule.  I will give it a few more days and go from there.

I am just thankful that I have friends and family around to help take care of me when I’m in a place that I cannot explain.  It’s very hard to deal with when you are alone. 

On another note, my daughter was accepted into UNCA as well as Mars Hill.  I think that UNCA will be our pick; it all depends on scholarship money and how much it will cover for this first year of college.  Sigh.  It’s all such a complicated process. 
Anyway, it’s Monday.  Enjoy.

I think I am beginning to worry...

A recent stat counter keyword search showed me what people are looking up on Google, and then Google points them to my blog.

milf with freckles
famous milfs
short hair milf
milf wife
milf vacation
milf michelle on washer

Yes, I have freckles, I have short hair, I'm a wife, I love vacations and I own a washer but that doesn't make me a famous milf.

Wordless Wednesday

Having coffee with you.  Taken this morning.

Buyer’s Remorse?

**Since originally writing, on paper, this post at my gynecologist’s office I have since changed my mind after having to deal with two crying children and one hormonal teenage daughter.  No way in hell do I feel sad that I don’t have a uterus so that I can have a baby that will turn into a ungrateful needy human being that talks back to me.**

I hate going to my gynecologist because all I see are pregnant women, rubbing their large bellies so proud that they are populating the world.

Or even when you hear a congrats to someone finding out that they are in fact pregnant as if their missed period didn’t tip them off. 

It makes me sad.

It makes me regret having a hysterectomy.

Even though I just turned 38 I would have loved to have had the chance to have more children even if I never did.  As least it would have been my choice. 

Now that’s just impossible because that requires a uterus and since it’s not magically growing back I won’t be getting pregnant again.

I’m just not ready for this stage in my life where I wait patiently as my children grow into adults, hopefully mature adults, find the right person (after getting their degrees in college), get married (sure, why not) and give me some grandbabies.

Is this like buyer’s remorse?

Can I have my uterus back?

And it was good.

Turning 18 on Friday.
Yesterday was a very emotional day for me and I guess a lot of other people, the people in my family and people in other families because it was graduation day for my daughter’s high school class of 2012.  It was hard seeing my first born be all dressed in cap and gown and know that her life will be changing forever.  It will be the beginning of so many adventures for her.  So many adventures that I will not get to be there for. 

Make sense?

Since she turned 18 two days ago she has already brought up getting her belly button pierced which I’m okay with because I used to have mine pierced.  She’s been working on getting a job in our area and we are still fine tuning all the college plans.  She will also learn to find the young woman that she is as she ventures away from home and as she makes decisions on her own.  I have no doubt in my mind that she will be okay because we have taught her the best way we know how and we have instilled some amazing values in her life.

Day 1

Was a success!  Bring on summer break!

Plus Baby M learned how to make awesome A's!

Rules for playing outside while
on Summer Break.

~ Absolutely under no circumstances are you to work in the garden with the tools without an adult present.  (Seeing my four year old run with the clippers about gave me a heart attack.)

~ No playing in the rocks.  That means NO THROWING ROCKS!  Plus, stop sticking them in your pocket because I’m tired of finding rocks in the washer, in the dryer and in the laundry basket and hidden around the house.

~ Stop running IN and OUT!  Pick a place and stay there!  I will start locking the door if you don’t figure this one out.

I will miss you Richard.

I was saddened to hear over the weekend that Richard Dawson passed away due to cancer.  I've spoken of my Richard love before on the blog and how I wanted a kiss.  Another reason this saddens me is because Lil O and I have been watching Family Feud on TV together!  We’ve bonded over finding out what the number one answer is!!!  *sniff*

The rules of Summer Break are

~ Do not wake up mommy before 8 am unless it’s an emergency.  Wanting to write a story ISN’T an emergency!  Don’t do that again.

~ Do not call my house before 8 am.  This includes my spouse to talk about a TV show we had watched the night before.  That’s what email is for when you get to work honey.

~ Do not wake up mommy before 8 am asking her to cook your breakfast because YOU WILL GO HUNGRY!

Walking on a beach at night.

There's nothing like walking on the beach when it's darker outside.  It heightens your senses because you hear the ocean, feel the water on your piggies and smell the beach air.  I want to be there right now.

Pfft. He doesn’t know what
he is talking about.

Superdad says that I wear too much grey and that it doesn’t really look that well on me.  I don’t know what he’s talking about. 

*I randomly went through pics, hanging head*

Michelle turning 38.
Turning 38 this week.

Recent Facebook Status:

Let me just say that I'm so proud of my son Handsome B who will officially start high school in the fall and I'm so proud of my daughter Crazy Beautiful H who will graduate from high school next week and start college in the fall. I'm so blessed to have these two amazing people in my life.

I must have done something right. ♥