Who in the hell can afford
college these days?

Remember we have four to send!  Schools are something that is thought about every day in this house, talked about most days in this house and constantly in our thoughts.  The teenage daughter is graduating high school in June and college is on our minds.

Where will she go?
Where will we find the money?
Where do we apply for scholarships?

Surely there is something that we can do to make sure our children get the best education possible! 

I think the teen had decided to stay at home and go to the local tech school for a year or two then transfer to another college to get her degree.  We are fine with that and we’d be happy to have her living at home with us while going to the local school that’s close to our house.  That way we would be around to help her in any way that we could. 

Then, this morning an email catches my attention and trust me, it’s hard to catch my attention in an email.  H the deadline to apply to The University of North Carolina at Pembroke using your Director's Request Application is midnight tonight.

All of her college email comes to my address and Pembroke has been sending requests a lot and since H had decided to stay here I didn’t pay them any attention.  I don’t know what made me this time but I’m glad it did.  I clicked the link and her application was pretty much filled out for her and all I did was add a few things and submit it.  Her counselor at school has a paper to send tomorrow and then we will have an answer in 10 days.  Oh, and I sent them $45.00. 

It scares me to think that I have four kids to send to college.  I just keep hearing that phrase, “Dumbing down of America” and it makes me sad.  Everyone should have the opportunity to a good AWESOME education where they don’t have to worry about finding the money.  Only the wealthy shouldn’t have the choice of attending a great college. 

I told my Facebook friends that I thought about placing an ad in the newspaper:

Independently wealthy individuals to pay for my four children to go to college.
Think of how rewarding it would be to make sure four amazing individuals are given an amazing opportunity to get a degree in an amazing field and help rule the world. Can be sent monthly updates from college, lots of Facebook updates and lots of pictures!
Hell, I’ll even include you in our Christmas card photo!

I’m not joking! 

Do you worry about getting your kids to college?