When and how do you move your toddler from their crib to a toddler bed?

Lil O and her new bed in 2007.
MJ asked so Supermom answered. 

When and how do you move your toddler from their crib to a toddler bed?

Wow, this one is difficult for me to answer because we are a co-sleeping family with a four year old still happily sleeping between us but I will share with you how I got them out of the “family” bed into their own bed.

It’s rather easy and I promise other co-sleeping families that they will not have a 17 year old still in their bed!  Ha ha.

First, is the toddler able to climb out of their crib?  Because you don’t want them to fall out of their crib and get hurt.  If they are perfectly content in sleeping in their crib, then don’t worry about moving them if they aren’t climbing out.

If they are hitting the ground pretty hard from climbing out then it’s time for a bigger bed.  Take them shopping and let them help pick out their bed and even the bedding.  It’s their bed so let them make some choices.  Make it fun.  They may wonder out of their bed since it’s new to them so probably shut other doors in the house and set up gates, just in case they decide to wonder around at 3 am in the morning while you are sleeping, so they don’t get hurt.

They will adjust to their new bed in no time.  I know that each of my kids have adjusted great moving from the “family” bed to their own bed when the time came.  You may be rubbing backs, reading books and all that fun stuff each night but that’s what makes bedtime fun.  Don’t forget the nightlight!  Perhaps a music box that plays bedtime songs.  My two babies loved My Tot Clock (wasn’t paid to post that) because it read them a bedtime story then played music which knocked them out fast!  You can purchase additional stories and use it for many other things like time out and good behavior. 

Just know your toddler will adjust to a bigger bed in no time.