What’s for dinner?

Last night I went through the fridge trying to come up with a very quick easy idea for dinner that would be healthy and tasty!  I succeeded!!! 

I cooked up some onion, asparagus, spinach, broccoli and garlic in olive oil, dried basil (from my garden last year) and salt.  After all of the above was tender I added some cooked pasta and more olive oil.  When I plated the pasta dish I added some shredded plain Havarti cheese which wasn’t easy to do since the cheese was so soft but it was perfect with the dish!

The dish was a hit!!!  I love it when I can just randomly grab things in the kitchen and make something that the kids love to eat.


Fitposse said…
That looks fantastic. Now I'm hungry! I know I have olive oil and pasta, so I just have to raid the vegetable drawer.
Supermom said…
It was YUMMY!!!

Tell me how yours turned out!