What's for dinner?

I've been seeing some awesome pasta salads being made by my friends (Krista and Renee) so they've had me craving a chicken pasta salad!!! I had to make some changes because there are only two tomato eaters in the house and I hate hearing the others complain about having to pick them out. *eyeroll*

Fresh Spinach

Cooking up about 8 chicken tenders with garlic, salt and olive oil.

Pasta anyone?

My secret ingredient.

My other secret ingredient, but only for me to drink.

Voila!  Sprinkle with parmesan. 

Cooked pasta, set aside 1/2 cup pasta water.  Cooked chicken with garlic, salt and olive oil (I love Renee's idea about using a rotisserie but I had chicken in the fridge) until done.  I then added the pasta water and the flavored cooking cream (found beside regular cream cheese) and spinach.  After everything was heated through I added the pasta back in.  While serving we sprinkled with shredded parmesan cheese.

Next time I will add more veggies!!!  It was a hit though and that's a good thing and it was perfect for this hot lazy day.