What is wrong with me???

My little sister has talked me, MICHELLE, into going to a Zombie Prom tonight.  She’s actually my only sister by the way if we get all technical.  But yes, a ZOMBIE PROM!  I don’t even like zombie stuff so why in the world would I go to a zombie prom??

Yes, I’m still asking myself this question.

It’s like high school all over minus the zombie stuff.  I don’t even have a date!  I don’t have a corsage and we all know I won’t be getting laid after the prom.  (Unless Superdad is awake when I get home and likes the zombie-fied Michelle.) 

See what I mean?

I have been researching zombie makeup trying to get some ideas because I don’t want to go ALL OUT and be a complete zombie freak so I have a different plan.  I’m going to do dramatic makeup for my face and have a zombie bite on my neck meaning that I just got bit and I’m turning into a zombie.  I call it zombie-lite.  

I picked out a dress that’s been hanging in my closet for over 8 years to wear because it’s black and prom looking.  I guess it’s prom looking.  I’m still amazed that I can squeeze my body in the dress and still be able to breathe because I wore it two kids ago.  In fact I’ve only worn the dress once before and it was the night that Superdad proposed to me.  I even bought the dress special to celebrate our second New Year’s Eve together not knowing he was going to propose. 

Kind of odd that I will now remember that dress also as the Zombie Prom dress. 

I guess there could be worse things.  Right?