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Today was the best day ever!

I wasn’t sure how today would play out with the things going on in our house but today turned out to be the best birthday ever!!  So turning 38 was amazing!!!!!!  It started out with some amazing birthday cards from my husband and my children.

Then it turned into lunch with my daddy (yes, I am a daddy’s girl), my mamaw, my great aunt, my step mommy and my step grandmother at my favorite steak house in town.  Thank goodness they don’t sing for birthdays because my family sure tried to get that going.  They did give me a yummy dessert though but since I was so full from my steak that Baby M got to enjoy it all to herself!

My cool shoes.
My cool shoes.

I love my daddy.
My daddy.

With Papaw.
She loves her Papaw.

After all of this I headed home to realize that my mother-in-law was no longer staying with us and had gone home that she was feeling much better and is now relaxing in her comfy place and in her own bed instead of B2’s bed.  It was lonely not having her here but I’m glad that she was able to go home.  Progress is a good thing.

I ran all over town collecting the kids then came home to enjoy a visit with my sister who brought my favorite candy bar over and my friend Vanessa who brought over a cupcake and homemade soap!   Vanessa and I sat on the porch watching it rain while enjoying a nice cold beer.  Just lovely.

Superdad gave me two amazing birthday presents a gift certificate to the Grove Park Inn Spa and a delicious cake from a bakery downtown.

Cupcake from Vanessa.
From Vanessa.

Homemade soap from Vanessa.
Homemade soap.

My birthday cake from Superdad.
My delicious birthday cake from Superdad.

After having 208 birthday greetings on Facebook (and more keep coming) I know how blessed I am.  I want to thank every single person for making this the best day ever!



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