So this is what it all boils down to?

Just Michelle.
I’m tired of blogging and I’m tired of being classified as one of those mommy bloggers.  No offense to those mommy bloggers that love being called one.  I also hate being called Supermom because I’m no Supermom no matter what people think.  Sure, I have four kids and our life is so busy, very extremely busy but all moms are Supermoms.  I just happen to have a lot of kids that I can blog about.

Then why did you name your blog The Adventures of Supermom?  My friends started calling me Supermom so it turned into the blog being called The Adventures of Supermom.  Trust me; we have a lot of adventures to blog about.  Does that still mean I’m Supermom?  Only you can be the judge of that.  *shrug*

Just so you know I just took a swig of my cold beer to take my Xanax.  Is that something a Supermom would do?  Just sayin’….  I even walked the dog while carrying my beer in my hand.  Does that make me a bad person?  No, it makes me HUMAN!

Does it look like I’m someone who cares what others may think of me?  Let me answer that for you, “Hell no.”  I don’t care what others think of me.  Either you like me or you hate me and that’s your choice.  I have great friends that adore me and that’s all that matters.  Plus, they are the ones that bring me beer and wine.  

Today while taking care of a kid that may or may not have chicken pox I decided that I hated blogging and wanted to stop.  Stop blogging!  Yes, the world wouldn’t blow up to have my useless rambling, day after day to bore the crap out of you, cease to exist.  Do you actually get anything from me to begin with?  Seriously?  You can look at millions of other mom blogs to read almost the exact same thing that I have typed up over the past 7+ years.  Yes, I have been around longer than some bloggers but that doesn’t make me wiser.  It just means I’ve ran the course of the whole blogging thing and I wonder if blogging is a thing of the past.

Don’t you?

How long can we blog day after day telling about our life and really, who in the hell cares what goes on in our house?  I seriously doubt that any of you wake up in the morning and think, “OMG, I have to get to a computer and see if Supermom has posted anything before I can even start my day!!!”  Have you?!?!  Of course not!  Unless you secretly stalk me and want my body!  ;)  Email me and we can talk about that one.  Ha ha.

I speak the truth here!!!  HOW LONG WILL THIS GO ON!!??!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

The bubble has to pop soon for me because I am tired of blogging every single day!  Sometimes twice a day and sometimes more!  Sometimes I come up with a witty post and other times, I’m sure, I bore you to tears!

And another question I want to ask, “Seriously how much time are we spending on the computer typing up useless info instead of being with our kids?  Our spouse?”  The computer is such an amazing time suck and yet day after day millions of moms think that others actually care what they are blogging about and spend hours on the computer typing up a storm then networking to share their prized blog post to others that may or may not even care what they have to say.

What the fuck are we doing?  Oh, BTW, I cuss.  I cuss a lot!  It’s called “Behind the scenes with Supermom”.  She cusses!  She drinks!  She LIVES!!!!!!!


So, from now on don’t expect posts from me every freaking day of the week.  I refuse to bore you anymore with USELESS crap that you really could care less about knowing.  How’s that for a compromise?   Also, I promise to be myself from now on, no being all polite and proper.  That’s not happening anymore.  Be prepared to get a glimpse of the real woman that I am.  The real woman that reads smut online and would really love to see the Kim Kardashian and Ray J sex tape.  (If anyone has it please send it to me.)  I will be the woman who thinks Linda Evangelista is BAT SHIT CRAZY for wanting $46,000.00  in child support a MONTH!!  What is she thinking???  Most people don’t even make that in a year and she wants it a MONTH!!!  Seriously???? 

I wrote about this a few weeks ago and I don’t know if you realize this but Facebook is KILLING blogging along with Twitter.  I believe it to be so.  Surely you can see it. 

I hope that you continue to read the new and improved Supermom when she decides to post.  Which may be every day and it may not unless she have something important to say.


Mrs Furious said…
Oh lord, I've been going through all the same stuff/feelings for the last 2 years.... and YES facebook killed blogging. I say it all the time. Sucked the very life out of it.
Supermom said…
Thanks Mrs F for chiming in! I've known you for a couple of years until you left me and moved BACK up north.
SO, now what do we do?
Anonymous said…
Although I respect your feelings, I totally feel bad now for WANTING to read your blog and being able to relate to your life in many ways. What you have to say IS important. I look forward to new posts. I also understand not wanting to post every single day. I don't honestly think you know how many women you impact with your words of wisdom and advice. I sincerely hope you continue. Just wanted you to know you are important to many of us. Mary from Florida (sorry if this posts anonymous...)
Supermom said…
I linked this blog post to my Facebook with this caption:

Just so you know I just took a swig of my cold beer to take my Xanax. Is that something a Supermom would do?

Here are some amazing comments that I received:


You are a very, very good writer!

I do that all the time!!!

Works for me

John, then you can help me write my memoir, I blogged then it sucked so I stopped.

I'm going to be 100% honest with you. You friend requested me after I answered a question you asked on one of the Sweeties Facebook pages. I have never read your blog, but have enjoyed your Facebook posts. I just read your blog with this post for the first time and I think I might be in love with you. Beer swilling, pill popping, sailor mouth just about covers my type.

.. I'd drink a beer with it !

‎Brie, awww, shucks. SO I should say fuck more? I've met Sweetie and she's awesome!!!! Thanks for reading my TIRED OF BLOGGING post! :)

This was umm .... Great! Liking you even more.

Studies have shown that dropping the f-bomb more often actually makes you more likeable. I'm probably the most likeable person on earth.

I dont do beer, smells like a sewer, but I would with a daiquiri!

You should write your memoir. You should repurpose the best of your Supermom blogs into a Supermom book, (And you should self-publish it!)

I like the cussing, xanax popping, beer guzzling, pissed off Michelle! lol

And then you should option the rights for a Supermom TV show.

Fuck! I'm a beer-swigging, pill-poppin' momma too!
(I walk into a bar, and five minutes later sailors come running out crying.)

Who cares? You are who you are and you do what you need to do to get through the day. You're human! If other's can't see that..screw them! Yeah...I'm inna mood LOL

I loved your latest blog post. I think that more people should be open and themselves for the world to see. I wish you luck w/whatever you decide to do...=).

Michelle is an amazing woman as well. And ya know what? Ur awesome no matter what.... Just sayin

Thank you!

You're welcome. Awesome post btw.

Whew, I had hoped to get my opinion across.

U did. No matter what ur an amazing woman, mom, and wife and I am glad to see u be u. It's u we all love anyway

Can you still be SuperLove???

I just read your blog, I feel the same way you do, u either like me or not I don't care, just be u, love yourself and what ever you decide to do will be great! You are an amazing competent smart woman, so don't under estimate yourself.
Supermom said…
Hi Mary in Florida!

Thank you so much for your comment. I'm so happy to know that someone is actually reading my blog and can relate to my crazy life! That makes me smile. I will still be blogging just not every day, at least I don't think every day. You just never know.

I hope you have a lovely Wednesday.
Anonymous said…
You are awesome...just don't ever forget that!! Mary in Florida xoxo