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Prom 2012

Prom was last Saturday for my teenage daughter and it was an extremely busy day for everyone involved.  It started out with me running to get her corsage, taking the teen and her bff to get their hair all pretty then I took them out to lunch.  When we came home it was makeup time and time to get their dresses on.

After all of the above, which took many hours, everyone started to show up, more family because everyone wanted to see teen and my adopted teen off to prom.  My friend Krista took the photographs and the ones I’ve seen so far are AMAZING.  (I will see about posting some of those a little bit later.)  Then we ALL, four cars of people, drove over to my friend Jake’s house, we went to high school together, because his dad was driving the girls to prom in his 1946 Chevy Truck.  That was a surprise for them!!!  Jake and I had been trying to come up with a plan for a week and it all just fell into place. 

The girls had an amazing time and it was the perfect ending to their high school years and it will be a night that they remember forever.  I want to thank everyone that helped on that very busy day because you kept me sane. 

Here are a few random pictures that I took with my Droid during all the excitement.

Prom 2012
My beautiful daughter.
Prom 2012
My four children and my adopted daughter.

Prom 2012


I thought these two prom dresses are amazing. Both beauiful

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