A letter to the people living in my house.

I’m going on strike!

If I have to pick up any more socks in the living room, random jackets lying around, trash that didn’t QUITE make it into the trash can and clean off the table one more time because people left their stuff on it, wipe down the kitchen after others have fixed food and (SCREAM) whatever else that I pick up on a daily basis that doesn’t even remotely resemble anything that belongs to me.  Let me ask my family one thing.

Do you ever have to pick up any of my things???  EVER???  ANYTHING???  Think about that.

Yeah, yeah, I stay at home but that doesn’t mean I am the maid or short order chef.  I live here too!  I like to keep a clean house because our house is so small as it is.  Everything must be in its place or it gets cluttered fast.  *glaring*

Am I asking too much?  Clean up after yourself.  Stop leaving things lying around.  For the love of everything holy just look around and if it’s a mess and it’s YOUR stuff then clean it up.  Seems pretty simple.

I thought about resigning my stay at home position for a week not touching anything that didn’t belong to me but I’m afraid of how the house would look after a week.  Then I would have more of a mess to clean when the time came.  You guys already will walk over stuff so if I didn’t bend down and pick it up then, of course, it would still be there. 

Do I actually have to trip over something and break a bone for you to see how frustrating this is for me because I am HOME all day, day after day, looking at the mess around me.  I for one cannot walk past a pair of dirty socks in the floor and keep on about my business.  I will pick them up and put them in the dirty clothes basket.  Not beside it, not one sock in and one sock in the floor BUT both dirty socks in the basket!  That is what that basket is for you know? 

SO no more whining and groaning or PROCRASTINATING and JUST DO IT!

Michelle, your loving wife and mommy


My darling husband complained yesterday about having to pick up after everyone all the time...because there was ONE sweatshirt on the floor in his way. I'm ready to go on strike too and let him trip over the 50 things I pick up after him and the kids every day.
Monica Ingle said…
Good luck! I've begged, I've pleaded, I've screamed to the top of my lungs.... to no avail about this very same issue and there is only three of us! I've resorted to putting baskets in the living room and tossing their stuff in it. Still no help. Perhaps if we come up with a good figure to charge for each item we put where it belongs and deduct from allowance that might get their attention. Being a slave ain't free, no? I know that sounds horrible, and like I'm complaining and there is a sort of thing as doing something for our children and significant others, but there is also a collective family responsibility to help each other be a bigger part of something and helping Big Momma out too, SIGH!!!!!! We might be able to do it all, but it sure would be nice to not have to constantly ask for these other people to see something and JUST DO IT ALREADY. As for the smaller kiddies, the basket thing may help, because they need a little reminding...but for our preteens, teenagers and a other adults that just make their mess and could care less, I have a BIG problem with it. Sorry to want along, but I feel your pain and frustration Michelle!
Supermom said…
Comments from Facebook:

Melissa ~ Let us know if this works... I am getting desparate for some kind of solution to this exact same problem. Sometimes, I think my head actually might explode if I have to bend down to pick up one more dirty sock or pair of tennis shoes in some walkway or another.

Anna ~ You go girl!

Thanks everyone for the comments!!!
Michelle xoxox