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I think all mothers should drink alcohol.

“My mother didn’t drink” says Superdad.

“Bless her heart” was my response.

Hell, I have four children and at times my days get very trying and I enjoy a nice cold drink to wind down.  I’m not tripping over toys so I don’t see it as a problem.  I think that as a mother we deserve a nice drink every now and again or every day if needed.

Think about everything that we do in ONE DAY!  Just ONE DAY!  We do a hell of a lot in a single day.  Then think about how much we do in seven days!  Then a month!  Then a year!!

*pass me a drink please*

See, what I mean?

Like right now I’m utterly exhausted and just want to crawl in bed.  I’ve taken care of four children and one dog today.  Picked up the house and boy was it heavy.  Ha ha.  I made a delicious dinner and even ran some errands.  So, I’m sitting here with my headphones on listening to Gotye actually trying to concentrate to type up something that won’t bore you to death. 

My birthday is two weeks from today…two very short weeks and I will one year closer…to death.  It’s true so don’t think I’m being all dramatic.  I will be 38 on my birthday.  *nodding*  It seems like yesterday I was wearing braces making out with boys and trying to pass algebra.  Speaking of algebra, my twenty year high school reunion is this August!  *thud*  What the hell?!?!?  It’s been twenty years since I was an awkward ugly duckling in school???  Seriously!  Do I really have to go to this thing that just reminds me of how old I am???

I don’t wanna.  WAHHHHH!!!!!! 

To add salt to the wound, my beautiful amazing teenage daughter has her senior prom this Saturday and then she will graduate the first of June.  See, I feel incredibly old right now! 

*I’m going to get another drink*


Anonymous said…
Ha! Love it! Was never a mom, but have a deep appreciation for those who chose that path. Toughest job ever! Love your refreshing honesty. Cheers to you!
Supermom said…
From Facebook:

Laurel Not starting any bad habits I can't afford.
Supermom said…
From Facebook:

Gina omg ... lol ... alcohol is my last name ... !!!!! ... Im a social drinker ... lol ... ~.~
Supermom said…
From Facebook:

Jennifer You crack me up!
Supermom said…
From Facebook:

Mary I'm sitting here drinking my Screw Driver as I read this. Granted, my kids are grown and pretty much gone, but I'm still a mother! LOL

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