Difficult Time

Right now I don't know exactly how I feel or how I should feel and if I'm feeling too much.  My anxiety is in the red zone and I just feel out of sorts.  I really cannot blog about it because of privacy issues and it's not my place to talk about it.  Make sense?

Just think about us because it is needed.

I hope that I can find my happy place real soon.

Like yesterday.

But it's not happening.

Busy week ahead with programs and field days since it's the last week of school for the three of kids that are in school.  Oh, then there's my birthday and anniversary this week.  Doubt there will be much celebrating with everything going on.  (No, there isn't trouble with Superdad and me, we just have other things going on.)

I guess I can always look forward to next year.  Right?


Don't focus the overwhelming aspect of it. Deal with on thing at at time. You do it becuase that is what we do. Dial back and get into the zone.
It will pass adn it willbe ok.
Supermom said…
I'm trying.

Today I haven't felt well and it has made me feel bad.

Tomorrow will be better.