Toddlers, toddlers, toddlers.

It's hard being an angel all the time.
Those tiny human beings are the apple of our eye and yet they can make us want to curl in the fetal position and whimper for our mommy in a matter of seconds.  You know this to be true!  Recently I received an email from my friend MJ who happens to have a toddler and she requested that Supermom touch on some subjects.  She mailed me a list!  A very specific list.  I was flattered then scared.  I’m not a pro at this thing called parenting and I’m sure I’ve failed at a lot of parenting things over the past eighteen years.  But my kids are still alive and very happy so I must be doing something right.

Okay, MJ this is for you!  *And others that are currently in the fetal position sucking your thumb crying for your mommy.*

Temper tantrums, how to communicate effectively with a toddler and appropriate discipline for toddlers were part of the list and I thought I would talk about all three because they do go hand in hand most of the toddlers waking hours. 

Temper tantrums.  After you check the usual suspects like hunger, sleepy or perhaps not feeling well then you can try these other steps. 

* Get down to their level and talk to them in a calm voice perhaps suggesting something to get their mind off the tantrum.  Since they are unable to express how they feel, getting them interested in something else may be the key.  Read a book.  Work on a puzzle.  Color in a coloring book.  Anything to take their mind off things.  Yes, a tantrum is easier to handle when at home so if one happens while you are out of the house the rules change.  Find a quiet place like a bathroom or the car to do the above.  Just remain calm which is easier said than done if your child has been screaming for half an hour.

Sometimes they just have to cry it out.  Just offer lots of hugs and kisses and hold them if they will let you.  They will be okay crying it out and sometimes that is the only solution since they are unable to express how they feel. 

Communicating with a toddler. 

*It’s easy, just talk to them like you would anyone else.  I don’t do baby talk and never really did.  If the situation is where they are being told “no” then get down to their level and explain why.  “No, you cannot have a cookie because right now I’m going to make dinner.  Would you like to color while I peel the carrots?”  Something like that.  Talk in your normal voice and be frank with them. 

Discipline for toddlers.

*YIKES, you mean toddlers don’t mind?  I tease!  Right now they are trying to learn their boundaries and testing you to see how far they can go.  Smart lil buggers aren’t they?  Talk in a firm voice “No, do not pull the cat’s tail!  It hurts the cat and you don’t want to hurt your friend.”  Then again distract them to do something that they are allowed to do.  No, you cannot pull the cat’s tail but hey, let’s go over here and build with your blocks. 

An unruly toddler might be a bored toddler and they need something to do. 

Sure you can have a time out chair like Supernanny but it’s never really been effective for any of my children but it never hurts to try.  Supernanny always says one minute per year of age which to a toddler is a LIFETIME!  In my opinion instead of making it a time out chair make it a resting place with a comfy chair, favorite stuffed animal, books and other favorite things of theirs.  Let the toddler know that they have to sit there and take a break for a few and that mommy will be in the next room and will come and get them when they can get up.  When you do get them up after the allotted time give hugs and kisses as a nice reward for taking a small rest and playing on their own.

Really, I’m not an expert on anything and I’m usually a pretty strict parent.  All of my kids have been spanked (just a swat on their bottom with a hand, nothing more serious) and that’s a personal choice.  I remember getting my own switch when I was smaller and was in trouble and I turned out all right.  Ha ha.  I have four great kids that are well adjusted so I must be doing something right.  My only regret with my children has been raising my voice at them but sometimes that’s the only way they will stop what they are doing and listen.

It happens.  We make mistakes.  Me learn from them and move on.

Just do what you think is right and everything will turn out okay.  I hope this was helpful!


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