This is Martha:

Martha is a new gal pal partner in crime friend of mine.  She is married to someone I knew in school, someone that I didn’t date!  (inside joke)

Martha and I have recently gotten close and I really enjoy her company!  She was walking around downtown with us when we hit Magnolia’s for dancing and drinking!  She was also at Vinnie’s when we had GNO last week

Then she found out that she will be moving to Nashville this past Monday because her husband found a nice job there.

*insert cheesy soap music when something sad happens*

I’m not sure the exact date she will be moving but I know it will be soon.  She has work things to care for and a lot to pack I’m sure.  We want to have one more last hoopla before she moves so I’m planning a dinner party at my house next week.  You know where I scrub the house from top to bottom the day of the dinner, then set out my nice china and put some pretty flowers on the table.  I’m planning on making my famous homemade lasagna for dinner.  Not sure about everything else just yet as this all just started being planned last night.

I will miss my new friend.


Martha said…
Thanks Michelle! I will miss GNO! Looking forward to our dinner party!
Odie Langley said…
Hello Martha, I am sure Michelle will pull this event off in fine order and everyone will have a blast at Michelle's house to send you off to Nashville. Oh, I grew up in the "Original Nashville", NC. Smaller but a great town as well.
Supermom said…
YAY!! It will be nice! :)

Thanks Odie!