Supermom Cooks

I always take pictures to post of all the breads that I have made over the years. 

This beautiful bread dough was made on October 23, 2009.

After letting it rest to rise.

It was such a beautiful dough I had to take lots of pictures of it!

I made 3 loaves of bread with it.  Plain for sandwiches ~ not shown.  Garlic Basil on the right.  Then I stuffed last loaf with brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat ~ left!

I love taking the time to make bread dough, then having patience as it rises then I'm able to make delicious bread for my family and friends.


Odie Langley said…
As much as I love the smell of fresh bread I have absolutely no patience so I go the quicker route and buy something someone else has made. I wish I were different.
Supermom said…
I have zero patience and that's why making this bread teaches me some and it actually relaxes me.