Spring Break is officially over...

...and I’m still sane.  *no wise cracks please*  Even after this morning with all the bickering between Lil O and Baby M before 8am!  Seriously!  They bicker all the time it seems and it’s driving me batty!  It’s over everything they do and about everything they play with!  I just end up raising my voice and then they just ignore me as always.  Does it ever stop???  I don’t recall H and B2 bickering all the time or I’ve just blocked it all out.  That’s probably it, I blocked it all out. 

Kind of like the pain of childbirth, you block it out or you wouldn’t have any more children.  Guess the blocking out thing works since I have four children. 

Yes, it’s Friday and the kids have been out of school for seven days and they have the weekend to go before school starts back on Monday.  It’s been a really nice week though because we’ve done things together as a family and they have spent time with their friends hanging out as well.  I even managed to sneak out of the house (without kids) to do some birthday shopping and some Easter things.  One thing that’s not fair, driving a minivan without kids in it!  It just doesn’t seem right, know what I mean?

Yesterday I cleaned off my desk and it looks so bare now.  I am not one to keep things so I threw a lot away, recycled some and have some for the Goodwill pile.  I’ve never been one to keep things to begin with and I could easily live in a much smaller space even though the people I live with could not live in a smaller space.  I’ve been reading about these small green houses that are very compact and yep, I could totally live in one. 

Hmmm, I could totally live in a compact house in Charleston…just putting it out there.  Ha ha.

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I’m still thinking about Katniss and Peeta and I realized last night who would have been the perfect Peeta for me.  Noah Munck who plays GIBBY on iCarly would have been my number one pick for Peeta.  While I was reading the book I had pictured this more to love kind of guy and you could just snuggle with and forget everything with the comfort of his arms.  Noah Munck is that for me.  Well, not for me personally because I’m probably old enough to be his mom, but you know what I mean.

I cannot wait for Jen to get back into town so we can go watch The Hunger Games.


Odie Langley said…
A very good post Michelle considering you were dreading the break but it all turned out OK.
I am sure you will enjoy the Hunger Games when you see it. Everyone I know that read the books said it was great.
Have a great weekend & hope it has plenty of sunshine for you and the family.
Supermom said…
I was teasing mostly about spring break. I've got great kids and I enjoy my time with them.

I'm sure I will too. I hope you have a great weekend too.