Our trip to Greenville Zoo, South Carolina

Thanks to my awesome friend Jen, who's in Florida right now!!!, we had tickets to the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina that she had given us.  Greenville is only an hour from us and we know it would be the perfect day trip with the kids since it's spring break so Superdad skipped work and we headed down south to enjoy the heat!  It was a lovely trip even if I was terribly tired since sleeping next to Darth Vader (Lil O) kept me awake most of the night and the bags under my eyes proved it!

I never knew this zoo existed so I was super excited that we were able to go and take all four kids!!!!  It was sad to me because it brought back these amazing feelings when I was a little girl because we had a place similar to this when I was growing up in Asheville that my grandparents would take me to then hit the amusement park that was next door!  You could see Henrietta the elephant and wonder around to see other exotic animals, to a small child, and then go ride the carousel, ferris wheel and play on the bumper cars!!!  Good memories thanks to my awesome grandparents!!!

So anyway, the Greenville Zoo reminded me of how things used to be here in my town when I was a little girl.

Instead of posting a lot of pictures I threw together a slide show for you that I hope you enjoy!

While having a snack afterwards still in the zoo we heard the monkeys being vocal so we went to check it out.

We then hit downtown Greenville which I'm totally in love with BTW!!!!!!!!  It's so CLEAN!!  And all these amazing shops that are downtown look like a lot of fun that you'd have to venture in WITHOUT the kids!!  Perhaps Superdad and I will have to make an overnight trip to Greenville soon!  We had lunch at Grille 33 that had the best burger and onion rings that I've ever eaten and everything is fresh!  He offered to show us the freezer that is basically empty!!!!!  They even offer Fried Oreos!!!!!

We then hit O.P. Taylor's and Trader Joe's then headed home. 

It was such a nice day!!!!  Happy Wednesday!!!


Odie Langley said…
Loved the pictures and appreciate you sharing your day with us.
Supermom said…
You're welcome!