Oreos and Breast milk? Sure, why not?
FYI: There is a nipple in the picture.

I saw the best picture today online and it just gave me warm fuzzies because it deals with three of my favorite things.  Babies.  Oreos.  Breastfeeding!

There’s some uproar about this photo not being appropriate and I just think that’s ridiculous!  I find this picture to be amazingly fantastic and I wish they’d thought of it sooner!!!

KUDOS Kraft Foods because you have succeeded in making this breastfeeding pro of a Supermom extremely happy this morning! 

To those that find it offensive….get over it already.  If a little boob and an Oreo cookie cannot make you smile then you have yourself a problem.


I love this picture. It is so real!
Supermom said…
YES!! One of my favorite pictures of all time!