A letter to my body,

Hello my friend!  How have you been?  Never mind, don’t answer that because I know the answer!  Are you upset that we are turning 38 soon?  That’s the only thing I can think that would get your panties in a wad.  Is it because you cannot have more children because of the hysterectomy?  Just remember the four amazing children that we have had!  Is it because you baby is graduating high school in six weeks?  That must be it!  Well, stop it already!!!!

It was just almost two weeks ago we had to go to the doctor because of a bacterial infection in our finger that was AWFUL!!  We won’t even blog about all the pus that came out of the finger while it was healing.  But thankfully our doctor put us on enough antibiotics to cure ANYTHING going on in our body.

So, why in the hell did you think it was necessary to have us wake up in pain this morning??  Why did you make it so painful to try to use the bathroom?  WHY?  I knew something was amiss while I was trying desperately to empty my bladder so I thought it best to check out the local Urgent Care for a quicker and cheaper visit to seek medical help.

Short bio:

We knew there were stones on the left side from a recent ultrasound last year so the nice people at Urgent Care seem to think all things lead to that as well.  We had blood taken from our arm and you know that it always makes us cry and we had to moan as we tried to give them a urine sample so that they could test everything while we waited. The nice P.A. talked about our options and helped me understand how everything might work out for us.  We are taking Flomax and we’ve been drinking like crazy ALL DAY!  We have to get up in the morning and get ready because they are going to call me with the time for our CT scan.  If this scan shows the blockage and the size then there’s a chance we may have to have a procedure called Lithotripsy.

If symptoms get worse for us and we are unable to pee then we have to head on up to the ER so we don’t damage our kidney.

Why, oh why, do you torment me so?