I’ve got a heating pad down my pants.

Hello Supermom junkies!  I’m back!  I opened my mail and cleaned out my mailbox!  It felt liberating to go through all that stuff that has piled up for a week.   Know what I mean.

I’m feeling much better these days thank goodness!  I’m glad that the issue is resolving on its own because the pain is easing up and I don’t feel like I was run over by a rather large truck.  Or it could also be that I started back on taking iron earlier in the week after my friend mentioned that I could be anemic which everything that is going on.  I think she was right. 

I will admit that it was nice to not have online responsibilities for a few days.  Ahhhhh, though I have missed blogging because I love you guys so much!  :)  I hope that everyone is well and enjoying the last little bit of April before May arrives in a few short days.

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about but sadly I do not.  Oh, I did get a rejection email from a publisher this week so that makes the grand total of TWO of no we don’t want to publish your childrens book but good luck with that.  It’s okay, I promise it’s not going to push me over the edge!  I just wanted to update everyone since I’ve not been around for a few days.

I will be back up and running, driving you crazy, come Monday!  Lots of love and enjoy the weekend.