I had a date last night…

…with a woman that I met online.  It is Asheville after all.  *smiling*

In all seriousness, she lives in my town, a blogger and our sons know each other in school.  We fast became friends through Facebook and blogging so it felt like I knew her already.  It was a gathering for local bloggers so we would work on networking to support everyone through the Mountain Xpress program.

We enjoy some amazing company last night, had delicious pizza and enjoyed cold beer at Asheville Pizza Company in downtown Asheville.  I live in the best town ever!  I’m glad to be native to the parts, said in my best southern accent. 

I’m off to play Supermom, see you guys later. 


You two look so friendly. Maybe we'll meet at the next bloggers meeting. You can friend me on Facebook too :)
Supermom said…
We are friendly. :) ha ha

I just accepted your request. :)