Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby M.

Baby M, taken yesterday.
Today the best lil girl ever, besides my other two girls of course, will be four.  It’s hard to believe this because, well I just don’t want to believe it!  Baby M is our last child so it is hard to see her grow up.  She’s so unlike her sister Lil O, who is quiet and shy around others but Baby M has spunk that she gets from me, and she’s the wild one.  *hanging head, like me*

It’s been a blessing to have Baby M is our lives because she really keeps us entertained with her joy of life and, in all honesty, we never know what will pop out of her mouth.  She’s strong willed, full of life, the BOSS (I can admit that), completely beautiful and the best lil girl we could ever ask for!

This morning she woke up announcing it was her birthday and wanted us to sing to her!  So we did!  She wanted pizza for breakfast, so she had pineapple pizza for breakfast.  Today is all about her and she knows it.  I see an ice cream store visit in the future and lots of outdoor play.  Since we celebrated her birthday last Sunday with family today will be birthday celebrating lite.  :)

I want to show you some awesome pictures of Beautiful Baby M through the years.  Enjoy.  WARNING:  I got carried away since I have so many pictures on the blog and Flickr and my laptop!!  Sorry about that.

Mommy meets baby.
Mommy meeting baby for the first time.

The 4 kids
All four kids together.

2 weeks
Two weeks old.

5 wks True Love
True Love.

July 15 ~3 months old~
Very happy baby.

Beautiful Baby M
She loves being in the wrap.

Kissing Baby
Loving on mommy.


Lil O and Baby M dress up
Playing with my big sis.

Me and the kids.
Me with the kids. 

Baby M's First Birthday
First birthday.

Homemade Ice Cream
Trying homemade ice cream at my mamaw's house.

Cupcakes for Cures Grove Park Inn
Happy second birthday!

Folly Beach
We love the beach.

M and the pink guitar

Happy third birthday!

All my kids.

At Folly again.

Being silly.

Our beautiful Baby M.

Naptime ON mommy.

Pretty Baby M.
Happy fourth Birthday Party.

Happy Birthday my precious baby.
I love you,


Krista said…
So sweet!
Happy Birthday little girl!
Mrs Furious said…
Oh my gosh, I can't believe how much older she looks! She has always been such a sweet & beautiful little girl. We wish Baby M a very happy birthday!
Supermom said…
Thanks you two!!!

I know Mrs F!!! She is so grown up and I don't like it one bit! But, what do you do?
Beth Sterling said…
Nothing wrong with having a lot of pictures. Each picture acts as it's own little time capsule, taking you back with a memory full of all the emotions you were experiencing at that time. A lot of people that use their computer for other important things or for working from home find that when their computer crashes the first thought that jumps into their minds is not any important financial or work information but the loss of pictures of their growing family. You can't take a baby picture of a 5 year old. Once they're gone, they're gone