Easter with my family.

Easter Sunday was a nice day because we celebrated Easter and two birthdays, Baby M will be four on April 15 and my handsome son will be 14 on April 19 so we just had a big bash since we were all together! 

Yesterday just made me so thankful being around everyone that I love and care about.  We are so blessed.  That’s really all I can say because it’s my life and I’m happy.

Here’s a slide show of some of yesterday before my camera battery died, right when the Easter egg hunt started!

Let me explain the cake pictures.  You will see a nice perfect carrot cake that I decorated with an Easter egg hunt theme, then you will see a big ole hunk missing in another picture thanks to Baby M and then you will see where I fixed it with more icing that happened to be left over and just enough to fix the messed up part.

I hope that everyone had a lovely day!  Please tell me about it in a comment below!


Odie Langley said…
We were actually at Linda's brother's place at the lake and mostly it relative on Linda's side but my youngest daughter Rachel came with my 2 grandsons Mattie (3) & Kaden (5). They had a wonderful time as we all did. Its all on my blog at

Loved your slideshow. Great looking children.
Supermom said…
I know, I already saw! Loved the pics!