Day one of spring break (yesterday) completed.

Under one moon.
Taken last night from my yard.
I had the bright idea of taking the kids (FOUR) to the Mall to shop for summer clothes since their mamaw had given them birthday money to spend towards clothes.  What was I thinking?  One of my favorite sayings started yesterday because of the babies goofing off and running around. 

"A mommy that doesn't see her children gets worried and panics.  A panicked mommy starts to scream and you don't want that!"

It didn’t work.

I was so glad to walk out those doors!  Like I could have kissed everyone that I passed in the parking lot on the way to the minivan!!  That’s what you call very happy!!!

We spent the rest of the day at home playing inside and then outside!  The teenage daughter sat out in the sun too much and now she’s paying for it with a few blisters!  I think she has learned her lesson!  At least I hope.  My son went to a sleepover and should be home sometime today!  Then there will be four again.  :)

Okay, coming up today:  I tell you how I felt about finishing Mockingjay and how much I miss Katniss, Peeta and Gale!  I will work on answering email and type up some insightful (I HOPE) blog posts for this week and work on some reviews!


Odie Langley said…
This was a good one to start with. Sounds like a busy day for you girl. Take some Michelle time.
Supermom said…
Michelle time, define that?