Cooking with Kids - Tortilla Pizzas

I love getting the kids in the kitchen. I know it teaches them some valuable things for when they are older! I think kids at any age need responsibilities. They NEED to be taught things and they desire to learn.

This is an easy recipe that kids of all ages can help with. You just pick out what everyone would want on their pizza. They get to make their own individual pizza so they can make it how they like it. We have cooked mushrooms for dad. Cooked onions and peppers for some. Pepperoni. Black Olives. Cheese. Pizza Sauce. Tortilla Shells. You will want to cook the ingredients before putting them on the pizza because you are only going to "warm" them up a bit after putting them together.

I spray the bottom of the shell with some Canola Cooking Spray. I just use a piece of foil as the "prep" station.

Let your child spread some pizza sauce first.

Then add their toppings. This is where they have lots of fun.

I use my toaster oven set on 450. I just let it cook until the cheese melts. Moms or Dads have to help with this part.

Then I slice it with my pizza cutter and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.