A blog about rejection.

I enjoy reading, writing and blogging gives me a good outlet even though I’m telling everyone on the huge WWW my business.  Well, some of my business that is.  A girl has got to have some things that aren’t blogged about.  Growing up my nose was always stuck in a book, any book that I could get my hands on.  I loved being able to disappear in a good book growing up because my life was less than perfect and I needed to have that adventure in my head.  It probably kept me sane.  Then I started writing in a journal, short stories and poetry.  I’m sure it wasn’t award winning stuff but it was mine.

Later on life I just kept a journal, a leather bound notebook that you tied to close and preferably a black ball point pen.  I guess you could say I am picky about certain things.  I’ve never kept my journals, over time they have always ended up being thrown away.  Why would I want others to read my private thoughts if something were to happen to me?  That would be creepy.  I’d hate for my kids to read about something adult and think differently of me as their mom.  This isn’t like Bridges of Madison County when she died and her children read about her love affair with Robert Kincaid in the journals she had written after the love affair. 

Life isn’t always in a romantic way.

Last year I got the bright idea of writing a children’s book because Baby M likes me to make up stories for her.  I came up with this really good one and I knew I had to get it on paper before if left my memory.  I love this story and I had hoped to get it published because it was all about my beautiful Baby M and her zest for life.  First publisher sent their generic rejection letter.  But, I didn’t give up.

A friend of mine told me how many times The Help had been rejected and that kept me motivated.

Yeah yeah my book isn’t about snotty women having a second bathroom built for their help to use and about Skeeter writing this amazing book about these amazing women but it’s a good book nonetheless. 

*shrug*  A few weeks ago I gave it one last shot.  I mailed out three manuscripts to three different publishers that allowed multiple submissions.  (I’m also looking into magazine as well for short stories, pictures and to write about children.  I know a lot about children since I have four of them.)   These publishers don’t mail anything back unless they are interested so as least I won’t have a rejection folder started anytime soon.  :)

I can handle rejection I believe.  I’ve dealt with it often growing up so it’s not going to push me over the edge.  I just hope that this little book for children will get noticed by someone.  My husband’s friend who’s knowledgeable in the publishing world wants me to self-publish.  He thinks that with my following I could succeed in doing it on my own.  I just don’t know if I’m ready to take that step mentally and financially.  It takes money to self-publish you know.  Ha ha.

So, anyway there you have it.


Odie Langley said…
I do hope you have luck finding a publisher that will do the book for you. There are friends in my blog family that have self published recently and are having success with Amazon and others. Keep on keeping on girl.
Supermom said…
Thank you.
I hope you get your book published too!
Supermom said…
Thank you! We shall see. :)