Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bananagrams to the rescue!
Review and Giveaway

We are a board game loving family and we have a whole closet to prove it!  It’s amazing how many games we’ve acquired as a family over the past ten years.  They do add up though when you find a really cool game to give for Christmas, or a birthday or in our case an anniversary!  Let me add here that we got engaged over a game of Scrabble on a New Year’s Eve and it was awesome.  So, you see, games are a huge part of our life.

I was thrilled them I was asked to review Bananagrams!  YAY!!  GAMES!!!  We love games!    We were sent a whole collection of games!!

Bananagrams, Appletters, Pairs In Pears, Zip-It and Fruitominoes.  Exciting!

I sat down to play a game of Bananagrams with my son tonight and we had a blast!  It’s quick and easy and a lot of fun!  I’m all about word games!  It’s also a great game to play with our seven year old so she can practice her spelling words. 

“The anagram game that will drive you bananas!”
Bananagrams is the first in the bunch, the game that started it all. Players race against each other to build crossword grids and use all their letter tiles. There's no turn-taking to be found here—it all happens at once and it’s a race to the finish. No matter how old you are and how many anagram games you’ve played, Bananagrams is sure to drive you absolutely bananas ... in the best possible way!

Plan a game night at your house!  Here are a few of my tips:

I’m a firm believer in quality family fun!  You don't always have to leave your house for kid friendly family fun.  Get out the games, order some pizza, chips & dip and bring on the cold beer then enjoy!

How about starting a tradition with your children or grandchildren?? Plan a game night. Children as young as three even enjoy this family fun.  If you plan on inviting more family and friends to your family fun here are a few ideas to make your night a big success.

Set up a kid friendly table. At our house the Dora table works perfectly. Just the right size for small children to use for their games. Younger children can play Memory, Fruitominoes, Sorry, Candyland and many more. They don't have to really follow the rules. Let them make the rules up themselves. Just let the younger kids enjoy the fun!

You can let the older kids play with the adults. They like being included in the grown up fun.
Adult (kid friendly) games to think about playing: Bananagrams, Appletters, Pairs In Pears, Zip-It, Scrabble, Dominoes, Clue, Scatagories, Cranium and many more. It's a good idea to pair the older child with an adult and play in pairs. That way the older child doesn't get overwhelmed and think they cannot play the game as good as the adults.

No matter the game, your family will enjoy it. Be prepared to laugh and make lots of great memories for your family and friends.

Let’s have a giveaway!!!  One lucky winner will receive a Bananagrams, Appletters, Pairs In Pears, Zip-It and Fruitominoes game to add to your game closet!

  a Rafflecopter giveaway

**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent the games for FREE so that I could share them with my family and you.  I'm also really glad to be able to host this amazing giveaway!**


Krista said...

Love Scrabble, we play it all the time!

Tiffany said...

I love playing UNO,Yahtzee, or Phase 10!!

Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

Melissa said...

I love all board games!

Jenny said...

My kids and I like to play Operation.

Karen F said...


Kathy said...

We like to play Cranium.

Anonymous said...

We love uno. Patricia

Cheryl said...

Uno, Racko, and dominoes

Vanessa said...

I enjoy playing Clue Secrets and Spies.

Vinny said...

Lately it has been mexican dominoes!