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I'm just not Supermom anymore....

I think I’m just worn out with blogging. I’ve been around a long time and I think I have given all the advice that I know. You firs...

It's bigger on the inside like the Tardis.
A re-gifted post for you.

Superdad got a package yesterday in this box and once it was empty it became the ultimate imagination TOY!!!

It's been a car, bed, hiding place, play house and many more things.

So, yes it's bigger on the inside because of all the imagination.

Kids are so cool!  Everyone should have one, two or four!

**This is a re-gifted blog post.  I want to try and do one of these a couple of times during the week to share with you.**

Toddlers, toddlers, toddlers.

It's hard being an angel all the time.
Those tiny human beings are the apple of our eye and yet they can make us want to curl in the fetal position and whimper for our mommy in a matter of seconds.  You know this to be true!  Recently I received an email from my friend MJ who happens to have a toddler and she requested that Supermom touch on some subjects.  She mailed me a list!  A very specific list.  I was flattered then scared.  I’m not a pro at this thing called parenting and I’m sure I’ve failed at a lot of parenting things over the past eighteen years.  But my kids are still alive and very happy so I must be doing something right.

Okay, MJ this is for you!  *And others that are currently in the fetal position sucking your thumb crying for your mommy.*

Temper tantrums, how to communicate effectively with a toddler and appropriate discipline for toddlers were part of the list and I thought I would talk about all three because they do go hand in hand most of the toddlers waking hours. 

Quilt Part 2

This is where you play with where you want to put the fabric and  I always take pictures so I can study the placement.  I already can see where I have too many red squares on the bottom together, even though two have prints and one is solid, I will rearrange those.

Nothing is set in stone until it's all sewn together.  :)

Quilt Part 2


I made up a simple biscuit dough. The kids can get all dirty helping you with this!! In fact they will want to help and make a huge mess. Which it totally okay because that can be cleaned up.

2 cups all purpose flour
4 teaspoons baking powder
3/4 teaspoon salt
6 tablespoons butter
3/4 cup milk

Mix dry ingredients together. Cut in butter with a pastry blender. Then add milk and stir with a fork until dough forms.

Put dough on floured work surface. I rolled the dough out pretty thin in a rectangle shape. I then sprinkled lots of brown sugar and cinnamon on the dough.

Quilt Part 1

Today I thought I would cut my fabric and layout the first strip for the quilt since I was feeling pretty awesome!

I knew that I wanted to build off this awesome piece of fabric because it's such a beautiful design with awesome colors!  Remember I wanted to make a quilt that used larger pieces of fabric because I have some fabric that I want to showcase. 

Homemade Blackberry Pie

Blackberries sprinkled with sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla.

Oatmeal, walnuts, brown sugar and butter.

I’ve got a heating pad down my pants.

Hello Supermom junkies!  I’m back!  I opened my mail and cleaned out my mailbox!  It felt liberating to go through all that stuff that has piled up for a week.   Know what I mean.

I’m feeling much better these days thank goodness!  I’m glad that the issue is resolving on its own because the pain is easing up and I don’t feel like I was run over by a rather large truck.  Or it could also be that I started back on taking iron earlier in the week after my friend mentioned that I could be anemic which everything that is going on.  I think she was right. 

I will admit that it was nice to not have online responsibilities for a few days.  Ahhhhh, though I have missed blogging because I love you guys so much!  :)  I hope that everyone is well and enjoying the last little bit of April before May arrives in a few short days.

I wish I had something more exciting to blog about but sadly I do not.  Oh, I did get a rejection email from a publisher this week so that makes the grand total of TWO of no we don’t want to publish your childrens book but good luck with that.  It’s okay, I promise it’s not going to push me over the edge!  I just wanted to update everyone since I’ve not been around for a few days.

I will be back up and running, driving you crazy, come Monday!  Lots of love and enjoy the weekend.

Now we know.

It's called hemorrhagic corpus luteum or hemorrhagic cyst. It's painful. It should resolve on its own within 6-8 weeks. If I don't feel better by Friday, I have to go back. Only me! :)

I still have pain and I'm just pretty much exhausted from that.  I'm tired of hurting.  Thanks for all the kind words in emails, texts and phone calls from everyone.  You guys are awesome.

Supermom's email is still sending auto-responses so I can rest. 

CT Scan -- check

Early this morning my sister came over to take Lil O to school for me and then to drive me to my CT Scan appointment.  I’ve had a CT before so I knew it would be quick and painless for me. 

Then the results came.

My kidneys have stones in them but that’s not what’s causing all my trouble the two inch ovarian cyst is the culprit.  Lucky me.  *said sarcastically*

So, tomorrow I see my awesome Gynecologist for the next step. 

I’ve got an away message set up on Supermom’s email because right now I’m taking this time to rest.  I need it.

Kids are cool.

Lil O and Baby M - What's that?

Me - It is where they took some of my blood.

Lil O - Did it hurt?

Baby M - Did you scream?

A letter to my body,

Hello my friend!  How have you been?  Never mind, don’t answer that because I know the answer!  Are you upset that we are turning 38 soon?  That’s the only thing I can think that would get your panties in a wad.  Is it because you cannot have more children because of the hysterectomy?  Just remember the four amazing children that we have had!  Is it because you baby is graduating high school in six weeks?  That must be it!  Well, stop it already!!!!

It was just almost two weeks ago we had to go to the doctor because of a bacterial infection in our finger that was AWFUL!!  We won’t even blog about all the pus that came out of the finger while it was healing.  But thankfully our doctor put us on enough antibiotics to cure ANYTHING going on in our body.

So, why in the hell did you think it was necessary to have us wake up in pain this morning??  Why did you make it so painful to try to use the bathroom?  WHY?  I knew something was amiss while I was trying desperately to empty my bladder so I thought it best to check out the local Urgent Care for a quicker and cheaper visit to seek medical help.

Cooking with Kids - Tortilla Pizzas

I love getting the kids in the kitchen. I know it teaches them some valuable things for when they are older! I think kids at any age need responsibilities. They NEED to be taught things and they desire to learn.

This is an easy recipe that kids of all ages can help with. You just pick out what everyone would want on their pizza. They get to make their own individual pizza so they can make it how they like it. We have cooked mushrooms for dad. Cooked onions and peppers for some. Pepperoni. Black Olives. Cheese. Pizza Sauce. Tortilla Shells. You will want to cook the ingredients before putting them on the pizza because you are only going to "warm" them up a bit after putting them together.

Fresh Rosemary and Olive Oil Bread

Beautiful Dough

Fresh Rosemary from my garden.

A blog about rejection.

I enjoy reading, writing and blogging gives me a good outlet even though I’m telling everyone on the huge WWW my business.  Well, some of my business that is.  A girl has got to have some things that aren’t blogged about.  Growing up my nose was always stuck in a book, any book that I could get my hands on.  I loved being able to disappear in a good book growing up because my life was less than perfect and I needed to have that adventure in my head.  It probably kept me sane.  Then I started writing in a journal, short stories and poetry.  I’m sure it wasn’t award winning stuff but it was mine.

Later on life I just kept a journal, a leather bound notebook that you tied to close and preferably a black ball point pen.  I guess you could say I am picky about certain things.  I’ve never kept my journals, over time they have always ended up being thrown away.  Why would I want others to read my private thoughts if something were to happen to me?  That would be creepy.  I’d hate for my kids to read about something adult and think differently of me as their mom.  This isn’t like Bridges of Madison County when she died and her children read about her love affair with Robert Kincaid in the journals she had written after the love affair. 

Life isn’t always in a romantic way.

Oreos and Breast milk? Sure, why not?
FYI: There is a nipple in the picture.

I saw the best picture today online and it just gave me warm fuzzies because it deals with three of my favorite things.  Babies.  Oreos.  Breastfeeding!

There’s some uproar about this photo not being appropriate and I just think that’s ridiculous!  I find this picture to be amazingly fantastic and I wish they’d thought of it sooner!!!

KUDOS Kraft Foods because you have succeeded in making this breastfeeding pro of a Supermom extremely happy this morning! 

To those that find it offensive….get over it already.  If a little boob and an Oreo cookie cannot make you smile then you have yourself a problem.

A difference a few years can make.

Or rather 20+ years but who's counting?  BTW, my 20 year high school reunion is this year.  *cringe* 

I had a date last night…

…with a woman that I met online.  It is Asheville after all.  *smiling*

In all seriousness, she lives in my town, a blogger and our sons know each other in school.  We fast became friends through Facebook and blogging so it felt like I knew her already.  It was a gathering for local bloggers so we would work on networking to support everyone through the Mountain Xpress program.

We enjoy some amazing company last night, had delicious pizza and enjoyed cold beer at Asheville Pizza Company in downtown Asheville.  I live in the best town ever!  I’m glad to be native to the parts, said in my best southern accent. 

I’m off to play Supermom, see you guys later. 

Found a pattern.

I've been searching for a pattern for a quilt that has bigger "pieces of fabric" because I have some pretty fabric that I want to show whole instead of cut up. 

<~~~My fabric. 

I found this site while searching called Freespirit Fabric with free patterns.

This is the one I picked out:

Bliss Flannel
Valori Wells
I love that there are big and small pieces all together to make this beautiful bright quilt.  Click here to see this pattern.

So, I guess we all know what I will be doing when I find time this week.

Yes, you guessed it.

Cutting fabric.

Wordless Wednesday

Baby Supermom

Yeah, I still have a knee sock obsession. 

Quilting Bug

I need something to do it appears.  Yesterday I cleaned out the kitchen cabinets, rearranged my closet and picked up the game closet.  I didn't feel like crocheting so today I picked up some fabric at Liberty Street Baggage and found some I was saving in the closet just for this occasion.

Next, we quilt.

Happy Birthday my Sweet Baby M.

Baby M, taken yesterday.
Today the best lil girl ever, besides my other two girls of course, will be four.  It’s hard to believe this because, well I just don’t want to believe it!  Baby M is our last child so it is hard to see her grow up.  She’s so unlike her sister Lil O, who is quiet and shy around others but Baby M has spunk that she gets from me, and she’s the wild one.  *hanging head, like me*

It’s been a blessing to have Baby M is our lives because she really keeps us entertained with her joy of life and, in all honesty, we never know what will pop out of her mouth.  She’s strong willed, full of life, the BOSS (I can admit that), completely beautiful and the best lil girl we could ever ask for!

This morning she woke up announcing it was her birthday and wanted us to sing to her!  So we did!  She wanted pizza for breakfast, so she had pineapple pizza for breakfast.  Today is all about her and she knows it.  I see an ice cream store visit in the future and lots of outdoor play.  Since we celebrated her birthday last Sunday with family today will be birthday celebrating lite.  :)

Cooking with Kids - Homemade Muffins

With Mother's Day coming up in a few weeks I thought I would post an easy recipe that Dads could make with the kids for Mommy on her special day.

Organic Ingredients

You'll need:

2 cups all purpose flour
8 tablespoons brown sugar
1 egg
1 cup milk
3 tablespoons melted butter
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

We mix the dry ingredients up first. Then add the milk and butter.

Kurt Cobain MTV Unplugged

Superdad said Baby M was channeling the late Kurt Cobain today as her hair and outfit made him think of the MTV Unplugged special.  The awesome heart t-shirt is a Candy Stick Lane creation from Renee!

Blueberry Bread

Beautiful Dough

Blueberries that kids picked on parkway.

These eggs are so fresh...

...that if you were here, they'd be hitting on you!

There's a boy in my daughter's class that has chickens and he sells the eggs to us at school!  I got our first dozen today and was so excited that I wanted to take a picture of them!  I want some chickens!!!  I think it would be totally cool to have some for fresh eggs!

I want to thank everyone for their well wishes with my finger.  It's getting better, just so I don't hit my hand on anything, so that makes me happy.  It still looks all icky and I will spare you the details but I will be glad when I'm back to normal.  *no wise cracks*

The antibiotics four times a day it what's making me all icky but I will just deal with that to get better. 

If there was any doubt...

I don't feel well and it shows.

Out of Order

Flowers that I gave Martha.
Man, this infection is zapping the life out of me. The antibiotics are making me puny, I am taking them four times a day for ten days.   I'm sleepy and could use a nap.  I overdid it yesterday by cleaning house and hosting a dinner party, making homemade lasagna and other things. 

The lasagna was delicious and so was the company.  I love my friends. 

I’m taking it easy today, Superdad’s orders, so I’m on the couch with my robe on backwards, homemade Snuggie, with a cup of coffee and my laptop in my lap. 

I’m sorry if your review isn’t up and if I miss any messages.  I will get things caught up ASAP, when I can use both hands preferably. 

The world has corrupted me.


Anna and I were playing Hungry Hippos with Baby M and Lil O last night, after everyone had left the par-tay, in the floor of the living room.

Then Baby M says something you don't hear every day.

"Stop, you're shaking my balls!". 

Instantly the grown ups are trying to keep it together and not laugh while wetting our pants!!  Our minds instantly when in the gutter and I blame society.  ha ha

Kids are cool!!!

Finally something that makes me happy.

I get to stop shaving my legs to let the hair grow so I can try out Sugar Me Smooth!  They sent me some products for review and I’m so excited!  I hate shaving so much that I only do it in the summer months when I’m wearing shorts or a bathing suit or a cute sundress. 

Tomorrow I will watch the enclosed DVD and let the hair grow! 

Try saying that fast three times.

So, it turns out not to be a spider bite on my finger.  I just pictured myself and a spider dueling in the kitchen, the spider sounded a lot like Antonio Banderas in my head just now.  Did I mention that I’ve taken a pain pill for my finger?

Apparently I have something called paronychia on my middle finger and it’s VERY PAINFUL!!!  I kind of glazed over when he mentioned numbing my finger and cutting a place for the puss to come out.  Yeah, after all of that is was a blur. 

I wonder if a spider bite would have been easier to manage?

Then it felt like something just jumped up and bit me.

I’ve been doctoring what I thought to be an aggravated cuticle since Saturday night.  It’s only getting worse with ointment and a bandage which I thought was odd.  Last night I woke up about 11:30 to the most awful pain in my finger.  I couldn’t rip the bandage off fast enough it was hurting so bad.  I went into the bathroom to check it out and it was red, swollen, extremely sore and throbbing.  I saw some first aid spray that’s supposed to numb the skin, it didn’t. 

My poor finger.

I crawled back into bed and tossed and turn because of my finger…. then I remembered…

I was trying to evict a spider from my kitchen Saturday while working on dinner but it escaped in the exhaust grill of the dishwasher.  I remember feeling something when I tried to grab the lil sucker to throw him outside but I didn’t think about it.  So, I’m just guessing that I was bitten by the spider which explains why is started bothering me Saturday night and why it’s not getting better.

It wasn’t a poisonous spider so I’m so too freaked out.  I just know that my finger hurts!  A LOT!  And I’m not a whiner so you know it must really hurt for me to go to the doctor. 

As Superdad once said,

I can certainly attest to the fact that she really is worthy of the title. Supermom, even in pain, does not like to sit still. And in the time we have been together she's suffered her fair share: two (more) children; twice as many kidney stones; and various other issues to deal with, none of which she's ever really complained about. She has a certain strength of character. (You just know that if she got shot she'd sterilize the wound with whiskey, take a swig and dig the slug out with the paring knife...not because she's tough or trying to prove anything mind you but because it's just what has to be done.)

So, there you have it.

Easter with my family.

Easter Sunday was a nice day because we celebrated Easter and two birthdays, Baby M will be four on April 15 and my handsome son will be 14 on April 19 so we just had a big bash since we were all together! 

Yesterday just made me so thankful being around everyone that I love and care about.  We are so blessed.  That’s really all I can say because it’s my life and I’m happy.

Here’s a slide show of some of yesterday before my camera battery died, right when the Easter egg hunt started!

Let me explain the cake pictures.  You will see a nice perfect carrot cake that I decorated with an Easter egg hunt theme, then you will see a big ole hunk missing in another picture thanks to Baby M and then you will see where I fixed it with more icing that happened to be left over and just enough to fix the messed up part.

I hope that everyone had a lovely day!  Please tell me about it in a comment below!

Supermom Cooks

I always take pictures to post of all the breads that I have made over the years. 

This beautiful bread dough was made on October 23, 2009.

After letting it rest to rise.

It was such a beautiful dough I had to take lots of pictures of it!

I made 3 loaves of bread with it.  Plain for sandwiches ~ not shown.  Garlic Basil on the right.  Then I stuffed last loaf with brown sugar and cinnamon for a sweet treat ~ left!

I love taking the time to make bread dough, then having patience as it rises then I'm able to make delicious bread for my family and friends.

Spring Break is officially over...

...and I’m still sane.  *no wise cracks please*  Even after this morning with all the bickering between Lil O and Baby M before 8am!  Seriously!  They bicker all the time it seems and it’s driving me batty!  It’s over everything they do and about everything they play with!  I just end up raising my voice and then they just ignore me as always.  Does it ever stop???  I don’t recall H and B2 bickering all the time or I’ve just blocked it all out.  That’s probably it, I blocked it all out. 

Kind of like the pain of childbirth, you block it out or you wouldn’t have any more children.  Guess the blocking out thing works since I have four children. 

Yes, it’s Friday and the kids have been out of school for seven days and they have the weekend to go before school starts back on Monday.  It’s been a really nice week though because we’ve done things together as a family and they have spent time with their friends hanging out as well.  I even managed to sneak out of the house (without kids) to do some birthday shopping and some Easter things.  One thing that’s not fair, driving a minivan without kids in it!  It just doesn’t seem right, know what I mean?

Yesterday I cleaned off my desk and it looks so bare now.  I am not one to keep things so I threw a lot away, recycled some and have some for the Goodwill pile.  I’ve never been one to keep things to begin with and I could easily live in a much smaller space even though the people I live with could not live in a smaller space.  I’ve been reading about these small green houses that are very compact and yep, I could totally live in one. 

Hmmm, I could totally live in a compact house in Charleston…just putting it out there.  Ha ha.

Click HERE for picture source.
I’m still thinking about Katniss and Peeta and I realized last night who would have been the perfect Peeta for me.  Noah Munck who plays GIBBY on iCarly would have been my number one pick for Peeta.  While I was reading the book I had pictured this more to love kind of guy and you could just snuggle with and forget everything with the comfort of his arms.  Noah Munck is that for me.  Well, not for me personally because I’m probably old enough to be his mom, but you know what I mean.

I cannot wait for Jen to get back into town so we can go watch The Hunger Games.

This is Martha:

Martha is a new gal pal partner in crime friend of mine.  She is married to someone I knew in school, someone that I didn’t date!  (inside joke)

Martha and I have recently gotten close and I really enjoy her company!  She was walking around downtown with us when we hit Magnolia’s for dancing and drinking!  She was also at Vinnie’s when we had GNO last week

Then she found out that she will be moving to Nashville this past Monday because her husband found a nice job there.

*insert cheesy soap music when something sad happens*

I’m not sure the exact date she will be moving but I know it will be soon.  She has work things to care for and a lot to pack I’m sure.  We want to have one more last hoopla before she moves so I’m planning a dinner party at my house next week.  You know where I scrub the house from top to bottom the day of the dinner, then set out my nice china and put some pretty flowers on the table.  I’m planning on making my famous homemade lasagna for dinner.  Not sure about everything else just yet as this all just started being planned last night.

I will miss my new friend.

Our trip to Greenville Zoo, South Carolina

Thanks to my awesome friend Jen, who's in Florida right now!!!, we had tickets to the Greenville Zoo in South Carolina that she had given us.  Greenville is only an hour from us and we know it would be the perfect day trip with the kids since it's spring break so Superdad skipped work and we headed down south to enjoy the heat!  It was a lovely trip even if I was terribly tired since sleeping next to Darth Vader (Lil O) kept me awake most of the night and the bags under my eyes proved it!

I never knew this zoo existed so I was super excited that we were able to go and take all four kids!!!!  It was sad to me because it brought back these amazing feelings when I was a little girl because we had a place similar to this when I was growing up in Asheville that my grandparents would take me to then hit the amusement park that was next door!  You could see Henrietta the elephant and wonder around to see other exotic animals, to a small child, and then go ride the carousel, ferris wheel and play on the bumper cars!!!  Good memories thanks to my awesome grandparents!!!

So anyway, the Greenville Zoo reminded me of how things used to be here in my town when I was a little girl.

Wordless Wednesday

Busted:  reading in the kitchen while dinner is cooking.

I miss Katniss, Peeta and Gale
since I finished Mockingjay.


I finished Mockingjay so I’m left thinking about the book and the series and how it all ended.  I miss them terribly.

*spoilers so enter at own risk*

Day one of spring break (yesterday) completed.

Under one moon.
Taken last night from my yard.
I had the bright idea of taking the kids (FOUR) to the Mall to shop for summer clothes since their mamaw had given them birthday money to spend towards clothes.  What was I thinking?  One of my favorite sayings started yesterday because of the babies goofing off and running around. 

"A mommy that doesn't see her children gets worried and panics.  A panicked mommy starts to scream and you don't want that!"

It didn’t work.

I was so glad to walk out those doors!  Like I could have kissed everyone that I passed in the parking lot on the way to the minivan!!  That’s what you call very happy!!!

We spent the rest of the day at home playing inside and then outside!  The teenage daughter sat out in the sun too much and now she’s paying for it with a few blisters!  I think she has learned her lesson!  At least I hope.  My son went to a sleepover and should be home sometime today!  Then there will be four again.  :)

Okay, coming up today:  I tell you how I felt about finishing Mockingjay and how much I miss Katniss, Peeta and Gale!  I will work on answering email and type up some insightful (I HOPE) blog posts for this week and work on some reviews!

Catching Fire By Suzanne Collins

Saying that I’m a crazed woman obsessed just doesn’t cover how I’ve been feeling these past few days since I’ve read The Hunger Games, finished Catching Fire and currently reading Mockingjay!  Okay, perhaps crazed obsessed woman isn’t the right way to phrase it.  Or maybe it is!