Yesterday was the best day ever!!!!

I keep thinking of the episode where SpongeBob SquarePants is singing the Best Day Ever song as the show starts because that is how our day started!  With it being Lil O’s seventh birthday she woke up extra early, or perhaps it just felt that way since the clocks had been moved forward an hour during the night,  and in our heads we thought it was super EARLY!  I don’t know, what I do know is that it was the BEST DAY EVER!!!

We watched Lil O open presents and it was awesome.  She got a few things she had been asking for and a few surprises as well!  LOVED IT!!  Kids are so cool! I’m just glad that we were able to make her day super special!

We had planned her party to be at a new local place near our house called The Tree House, a Café at Play.  It’s amazing!  Take a look around their site (you can also follow them on Facebook) and you can see for yourself!  It’s a brilliant idea!  Go take the kids to play while you enjoy a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat while surfing the WWW.  On Tuesdays and Thursday they offer child care if you have an errand to run or just want a break!

I had as much fun as all the kids that were there to celebrate!!! 

Here’s a short video about The Tree House, a Café at Play:

Here’s a short slide show of the party.  Enjoy.

I hope that you had the best birthday ever Lil O.
I love you,