Yes, I’ve said that.

Yesterday Hormonal Teenager stayed home from school because the juniors were taking the ACTs and that would have left the seniors watching King Kong and the teen was less than thrilled about that.  So, she stayed home and I was okay with that.  She napped on the couch and watched cartoons with Baby M while I painted in the kitchen.  Then of course I would cough and wipe my runny nose on my sleeve then paint some more.

It was a nice day.  Minus my cold.

Here’s the funny part!  We were in the kitchen goofing off, me + teen, and the other kids were playing rather louder in the living room when Hormonal Teenager says, “I wish they could go back to school.”

Then without missing a beat I followed it up with, “Yeah, I say that all the time.”

Then we laughed! 


Awwww, what a lovely daughter! So pretty like her Mom.
I read "The Help", too. What did you think of it? I haven't seen the movie yet. Just curious what other people thought of the book and if they saw the movie as well. Is it worth it to see the movie, anyone?
Supermom said…
Thank you! Thank you again! I haven't read the book but I've watched the movie with my MIL and LOVED IT!!!!!

I've had the book on my desk since the summer but haven't found the time to read it just yet.