Yes, I wore clothes.

A cool picture I took couple years ago.
This morning I took 36 blueberry muffins to Lil O's school to share with her class as we celebrated her birthday by partaking in the birthday circle at school.  I took seven pictures to share with the circle, when she was born, turning one, turning two, turning three, turning four, turning five and turning six.  Is that seven pictures?  *counting* 

It was a lot of fun sharing her story with the class!

I'm so proud of her.  She's an amazing little girl and I'm proud that she is mine.  Yes, I blog about her getting on my nerves but that's all part of everything I love about her!  Right?

I look forward to celebrating her birthday on Sunday!  I love you Lil O!

So, when I was heading home my friend Anna sent me a text asking if I wore clothes to school!  HAR HAR!!  Yes, I wore real clothes instead of my usual attire, my jammies!  :)