Yes, I will have another beer.

I just spent TWO hours sitting at the doctor's office seeing all these pregnant women walk in and walk out leaving me utterly depressed.  I'm trying to decide if it bothered me so because I can no longer have children or that it's that I've reached a time in my life where there are no more children.  It would have been different if I still had a uterus and it was an option but since my uterus was unhappy and I had to have it removed it makes things different for me.

Here's my recent Facebook status update:
OMGosh!!!! I left this house at 2 and just got home a minute ago! I was at the doc's office for TWO HOURS! Then I had to stop by the drug store! I was planning on a nice dinner tonight but noooooooooo I stopped by Papa John's for pizza (which is beside the drug store). Some of the kids have been fed and the babies are in the bath. Why yes, I think I will have another beer!

I'm exhausted and all I can think about is a HOT bath, another cold beer and to get away from my children.

Know what I mean?


Odie Langley said…
I can surely understand and have been there a number of times. When you need to unwind after a hectic time it's amazing how relaxing a good cold beer can be. Just what the doctor ordered. Go for it girl.
Supermom said…
Yes, it was just what I needed. In fact I had two!