Yeah, my looks have changed.

Sorry I went MIA yesterday but I started my morning finishing lunches and getting the kids to school!  Yikes, what was I thinking having four kids???  I tease!  Then I went to Liberty Street Baggage to work some with the lovely ladies for about two hours!  Things like that.

Then I started feeling bad.  My back was killing me and my stomach was on fire.  Who in the hell gave me a tummy bug so I was puny the rest of the day.  Laying on the couch, drooling on the pillow, sleeping in bed and then with all that sleeping I was up until 2 am, I think, watching crap TV!  UGH!  I hate when that happens.

This morning I am all better and thought that I would be productive and type up a blog post to let you know that things are just swell at the Supermom house.  Just swell.  I guess.  Kids will be kids.  ha ha 

The weather that we are having is amazing, just amazing!  Everything is beautiful and in bloom!  I cannot believe that yesterday was the first day of Spring and just think that April will be here next week!!  Holy cow!  APRIL!!!  I have two children with April birthdays so I will have to work on that one!  I cannot combine the soon to be 4 year olds with the soon to be 14 year olds party even though it would be comical!  I could do half the cake with boy stuff and the other half all pretty princess stuff!  ha ha

It's the little things that make me happy! 

I've gotten some great responses with the latest video of my teenage daughter buzzing my hair off!  People love us!  Thank you!  It was fun and after all it is just hair and will grow back!  I will say that having very little hair the grey that I have shows up A LOT more.  That just doesn't seem fair!!! 

My girl crush left me an amazing comment on Facebook and I want to share it!  I will keep her identity a secret.  *wink wink nudge nudge*  She knows who she is!  :)

Oh for cryin' out loud! 1. Can I just say how brave you are to let your teenage daughter buzz your hair? 2. How is it possible you DO NOT look like a boy with that hair cut? AND...3. It's just not fair in life that you can still look so pretty and sexy with that short, short haircut!!!!! I bow at your feet "Queen of the impossible haircut and still appear feminine". Hey, LOL, now that I think about it you WERE after all, sitting on the throne! HA!

Hilarious since we were in the bathroom and I was using the potty as a chair while H was cutting my hair! 

Enjoy your day! I might do another video later to show you the new look!

Is learning to enjoy more, love completely, laugh and just be.


Odie Langley said…
Well she was absolutely right. After your daughter did a boot camp cut you still look amazing "Queen". Am really glad that whatever attacked you went away and you are feeling better. You even got me brave enough to do a very short video on my facebook and blog. Maybe I'll do a longer one soon. Have a super whats left of your Wednesday.
Supermom said…
Thank you Odie! :)