To wear the jeans or not wear the jeans?

The jeans.
For about a week it has been planned that we were going to go out dancing on a Saturday night, which was last night, and I knew I wanted to wear my favorite jeans.  Nobody likes my favorite jeans.   In fact my sister told me I could NOT wear those jeans when we went out.

Everybody has a pair of favorite jeans and they really do bring comfort!  You wear them when you go out, you wear them when you stay in and you wear them out DANCING!  Know what I mean?  Sadly, I started getting sick Friday afternoon and Saturday I was miserable but I knew I was still going dancing if I had to take a box of tissue, a bag of cough drops and was doing NyQuil shots at the bar!  That’s how much I wanted to go dancing! 

And guess what I wore?  Yes, nodding, my FAVORITE JEANS!!!  Nope, they aren’t skinny jeans or what people call jeggings and trust me you better be glad they aren’t any of those either, this body of mine wasn’t made for pants like that.   My favorite pair of jeans are baggie and the best pair of jeans that I’ve ever owned! 

Dancing was amazing!!!  We hit two local spots downtown.  We had dinner and danced at Magnolia’s to their house band and it was a lot of FUN!!!  At first I was leery and sat the first couple of songs out but then we hit the floor and danced and danced.  It was fun!!!!!  An awesome Asheville YouTube Vlogger named Justin met us there and he had is camera so I look forward to when he posts a vid about our wild and crazy night and I will pass the video along as well!  I would like to think that I can dance even though I’m a white girl so maybe I want you to see the video and maybe I don’t.  **Note to self:  Email Justin to make sure I can dance before he posts video.**

It was a lot of fun to people watch as well!  I swear there was a man, grandfather age 60’s, out there wearing a cowboy hat grinding and bumping and it was rather interesting to watch.  HE DANCED THE WHOLE NIGHT!!  I told my friends, “WOW, what’s he on???”  I want to start those vitamins ASAP cause I want his endurance! 

Then we headed on over to Fred's Speakeasy so our friend Anna could sing karaoke!!!  She was awesome!!!!  I was WOOOOOOOOTING until my voice was hoarse before and after she sang her song by Adele!  As we were walking from one place to the other I grabbed my sis and said, “I’m bar hopping!”  Who would have thought I would have had so much fun??? 

It was an amazing night and even though I felt like crap I still enjoyed myself!  I am paying for it today as I haven’t left the bed.  In fact I’m in bed right now with Mr. Darcy (my laptop’s name) typing this post up!

What did you do this weekend?