This time change is kicking my butt.

I’ve been utterly exhausted for days and didn’t put two and two together to realize that it might be the time change until a friend of mine mentioned it.  Yeah, I bet that is it because I have been dragging!  The weather is gorgeous and I’ve been taking advantage of it for sure!  Today the babies were playing in the front yard and on the front porch as I was sitting on the front porch reading my book.

It was super nice.

Then I came inside and cleaned house, like vacuumed and dusted the whole freaking house!  YUCKY!  I think I did it to stay busy so I wouldn’t fall asleep and drool all over myself.  That actually happened later when I plopped on the bed and the babies joined me so we all three took a nap twisted together like pretzels.  I may have drooled some but I cannot be sure.

SO, tomorrow is Friday not that it’s anything special.  I need to buy some fabric for my son’s class because they are sewing a pillow case and pajama pants.  Interesting.  So, I need to hit a fabric store to find some thin flannel for a boy.  I could always buy him some Hello Kitty print for his pants!  Nah, I wouldn’t be that mean.  Or would I?  I also need to hit the grocery store but I just don’t WANNA!!  WAHHHH, I wonder if I pitch a tantrum like my three year old if I can be sent to my room and totally not have to go grocery shopping?!?!

There you have it!  Welcome to my world.