Target, why do you torture me so?

I had promised the babies that I would take them somewhere today and I knew that you’d be the place that I would go because you know how much I love to visit you and it’s been awhile since I’ve been for a visit.

Have you even missed me Target?

Apparently I didn’t get the memo that you were rearranging the WHOLE store.  I would have like to have been consulted on this major change because I was totally lost today!  I don’t like the pet food and cleaning supplies up in the front and I don’t like the toys in the middle and why in the hell did you move the socks???  I will never be able to find anything when I come to visit!! 


I know the purpose of the changes since I have worked in retail.  People get familiar with the layout and don’t browse the store and they will only buy what they are looking for.  So, when you change things around people will walk around looking for what they need and see all these new bright things that sparkle, things that they must BUY BUY! 

Pretty smart there! 

But this Supermom isn’t happy with the change because I felt like I was in the store twice as long and even came out with a few impulse buys, a rug for the front porch.  It was on sale!  But the outside rug is thicker than the old one so the screen door WILL NOT open with the new rug.  See, this just proves that some things should just be left alone.  I’m just sayin’….

BTW, I am starting something new that may interest you and it might not.  I’m going to do a live feed from time to time thanks to Ustream.  I did my first introduction video today using my webcam so the quality isn’t where I want it to be so I will have to come up with Plan B if and when I decide to do a second one. 

TGIF!  What are your plans?


Leanne said…
They switched ours, too, and it seems like they just threw things in randomly - like the diapers in the far left with the seasonal? Anyone who changes diapers seasonally probably shouldn't be buying diapers. Just my opinion.
Supermom said…
LOL Leanne, you made me laugh about the diapers!

I've also been a big fan of their shoes for the kids and now the selection is like half of what it used to be. :(

I don't like changes! First JCPenney's and now Target.
Lighthousegal said…
I worked at Target for 10 years, they do indeed like to change things. Sometimes they were okay changes, but most of the time they didn't make much sense. I had a clearance endcap in my department that always did very well. I could sell my clearenced items at the first or second markdown from there. People knew the endcap was there and would shop it often. For 10 years I fought to keep that endcap. I have been gone for 5 years now, that endcap still holds clearance. Sometimes change is Not good.
RedMelD said…
I just visited Target earlier this week. The FIRST thing I do is a walk around the outside perimeter to all the clearance endcaps!! About a year ago Target started leaving some clearance in the aisles, necessitating me to actual navigate the store to find all the goodies on clearance. But, the majority of my attention goes first and foremost to the endcaps where the deepest cuts are. I love Target though I rarely visit. It's a llllooonnnngggg drive from my house and besides, if I visited often I'd go broke. Didn't do to bad though.....aprx $480 worth of stuff for only $206! I don't always do that good with coupons and sales! ;-)
Supermom said…
I love their sale endcaps!!!!!

Change is not always a good thing.

Michelle :)