See, it's just me. With less hair.

Life is going and I'm actually wearing make-up to help balance out the fact that I have no hair. HA HA!


RedMelD said…
LOVE THE HAIR!! Hint: off the shoulder shirts, and low neckline shirts look fabulous with a super short hair cut like yours!! ;-) Bet SuperDad loves it!
Supermom said…
You saying I should look "easy"? roflmbo!!!!


Superdad wasn't thrilled at first which I found odd but now he likes it, I guess since he cannot superglue it back on. ha ha
Odie Langley said…
Actually your daughter is to be commended for doing a fantastic job. I think your hair looks great and I cannot see any gray on the screen.
I also think this idea of yours with the videos is working out much better than you might have thought. I know I am enjoying them a lot. Have a great rest of your Wednesday.
Supermom said…
Thank you!

Happy Thursday my new fan!