My kids are driving me crazy!

No seriously they are!!!!  They are running around screaming and teasing the crap outta each other!!!!  The six year old loves to torture the three year old and the thirteen year old loves to torture the six and three year old and they all love to torture ME!

Doesn’t seem right since I am the one who fixes their food, washes their laundry, drives them to school and insert everything else that I do for them in just one day of their life.  A LOT!!!  What gratitude do they show me?  Tattling on each other!!  Running through the house screaming.  Jumping off the furniture.  Not listening to me. 

Yeah yeah, that is typical and I get that BUT the Supermom needs a break!!  Like a big ole break!!  After today I’m exhausted.  Wait, I’m pretty much exhausted every day.  With packing lunches and getting the kids to school, workings on my short yoga routine then doing the everyday chores that go along with having a family.  Picking up.  Laundry.  Cleaning.  Meal planning.  Then there’s this thing called work that I have to do.  Yes, I am blessed to be able to do it from home but it is still called work.  It may not pay the bills but it is my job.

A job that I’m behind in since I’ve been sick since last Friday!  But tomorrow all else will stop existing and I will sit down with my stack of papers and work until it is all done!  Finished.  Not on my shoulders anymore.

Did I tell you how exhausted I am?  I realized today that my beloved Sophie the Superdog has been peeing on an area rug that we have, one that WILL NOT fit in the washer so I had to roll it up and drag it onto the front porch.  Rather interesting to watch I admit because I was even laughing at myself!  SO then I was all paranoid and took all the rugs up searching for pee spots which then led to me mopping the whole house then that led me to vacuuming the whole house and that in turn made me dust the whole house then I had to collect the kids from school then start dinner.

We had a lovely salmon loaf with dill sauce (Lil O’s favorite), baked sweet potatoes and corn!  It was delicious!  THEN I had to bake enough blueberry muffins for Lil O’s school because tomorrow morning (AT 8:30 AM) they are having her birthday circle where I get to go in with baby pictures to share with her class and then let them enjoy the muffins that I made for them.

Speaking of muffins, ha ha, it made me think of the Seinfeld episode with the muffin tops!  Oh, and I have a muffin top.  Wait, that’s a different subject altogether! 

Is tomorrow really Friday???  Not that it means anything in particular to me because each day is the same, just one slightly differing from the other.  Know what I mean?  Work, family, work, family, life, family, etc…..

Okay, as soon as Superdad gets home it’s Star Trek night; you know how he’s recreating us watching the exact same episode from all those years ago, for their 45th anniversary.  So Thursday night at our house is Star Trek night.  I think I have a huge crush on Spock, wait, I know I do!  He’s just so damn adorable!  It must be those pointy ears!!!

Night night Supermom junkies!