Mean Moms Rule By Denise Schipani
A Review

I’ve been reading this book when I’ve had a few minutes to spare here and there, remember I do have four kids, but yesterday I made myself sit down and finish the book while Superdad was watching basketball.

I’m so proud to know that I am a MEAN MOM!!!  YAY!!!  I’ve always wondered if I was a total failure at this mommy thing because of how we do things in our house and now I know that I’m doing right by my kids because of how we are raising them.

Denise Schipani has written an amazing book that every parent should own, I mean as soon as they go for their first OB appointment where they receive all their paperwork and some birth book the Mean Moms Rule book should be in their bag as well!  I’m serious!!  Mothers are too worried about things that are just silly and a time suck that they just need to follow their instincts!

I’m very proud that I fail my kids a little bit every day by running out of waffles, not washing their favorite pair of jeans or shirt and with my suck up and deal attitude at times.  I also give my children responsibilities and here at my house it starts very young because the babies have always helped put place mats on the table or napkins because they love being able to help and in turn they are so proud to help mommy.

You really need to read all the Mean Mom Manifestos and highlight with a bright YELLOW highlighter of all these great things!!!    The manifestos are amazing and so very true and I hope that you find a little bit of yourself in each one.  I found myself in ALL of them and that made me so proud!  I am a MEAN MOM and proud of it!  Mean Moms do RULE! 

Other things I am proud of:  I can say NO and I say it on a regular basis, like a million times a day.  We only have ONE TV that is in the living room and I’ve taken control back over the remote control as soon as I finished the book.  I give my kids chores and they really don’t complain about them, not that I would care if they did.  I’m consistent and I trust myself and I don’t care what anyone else is doing or what they make think of me.  I’m proud that we didn’t get our oldest a cell phone until she was 16 and it was a nice Christmas surprise for her.  I’m glad that we don’t buy all those fancy gadgets for our children, my thirteen year old son actually saved his money for a year and bought his own iPod because it has taught him responsibility and he can be proud of his accomplishment. 

I don’t hand everything over to my kids on a fluffy silk pillow nor cater to all their needs.  They are old enough, at this point, to do things on their own and make themselves happy without me entertaining them 24 hours a day!

SO, you must read this book!!!!  This book is amazing!!!!  I hope that you are a MEAN MOM TOO!

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**I wasn't paid to post this.  I was sent an advanced copy of the book so that I could read it and share it with you!  The book will go on sale on April 1, 2012.**