The past few days have been really super amazing and a lot of fun!  I’m just enjoying each day and everything that it brings!  Today I took Baby M to The Hop where she enjoyed some vanilla ice cream while I enjoyed a cup of coffee as I started a new book A Gate at the Stairs for my March read.  My second March read in fact!  My resolution to read a book a month has paid off and I usually get two books read in a month!  Does that mean I get a month or two off in the summer?  Ha ha.

It never hurts to plan ahead you know!

The other day I learned something amazing!!!  One of my favorite bands Gomez is going to be at The Orange Peel THIS SATURDAY NIGHT!!!!!  I’ve seen them at The Orange Peel over ten years ago and they were fantastic!!!  So, guess who’s going to go see them again on Saturday night???  You get three guesses.  :)  Why, me of course.  I love Gomez and cannot wait for the show!

Ummm, everything is going good around here.  Kids in school and such.  Normal week.  Well, Lil O is out of school Thursday and Friday because they are having parent teacher conferences so that means BONUS time with the babies together.  This reminds me, I should plan something fun for us to do during the day if the sun is shining.  Hmmmm????  Yikes, checked weather and it looks like rain.  Of course it would rain since there’s no school. 

Today, I have been pulling weeds getting all dirty and sweaty!  (No laughing DIVA)  YAY!!  LOVE IT!!  I put down some pine straw around things that are starting to come up and I got a pretty rose bush in the ground.  Things are coming together nicely outside.  I cannot wait to start planting flowers, veggies and herbs though!!!  Like now, I want to start planting.

My mamaw has a rule that I cannot plant until after Mother’s Day and since she’s super smart I always wait until then to plant things outside.  I love my mamaw.  :)

I guess you can tell I’m in a goofy mood today!  That’s a good thing right?  Comment below to let me know it’s okay for me goofy and a little “special”.  Ha ha.