Recently my life has been very busy with so many things going on.  It has left me feeling completely exhausted and wanting to make some changes.  I’ve decided to be more devoted to this blog The Adventures of Supermom and put most of my blogging time here which means that Supermom Reviews will no longer exist down the road.  I will finish up the reviews that I’ve been working on and once all giveaways have ended I will only be posting on The Adventures of Supermom. 

I will still accept sponsors, and be VERY selective over things that I get asked to review and be VERY selective about giveaways that companies may want me to do so that it’s not all work and no play because I want MORE PLAY!!!  Of course I will still have all that fun stuff but in ONE place.  The Adventures of Supermom is my baby, my original blog, the one that started it all and I look forward to merging the two things together because it can only go UP from here on out.

Of course I will still have the name Supermom Reviews and the site will still be visible for a while because I want the reviews that I’ve done in the past to still be visible. 

How does that sound?

I’ve been working at Liberty Street Baggage this week a lot, today was day three.  We are working on getting the site all fixed up because it was accidentally deleted and now it’s having to be built up again with a new guy and a new design so we are trying to get everything ready for that!  Add kids, husband, dog and everything that has to be done and you can see how BUSY I’ve been.  This just means that tomorrow I have earned.

Friends, downtown, food, drinks and dancing.