The Kitchen's Painted


Sunday Superdad did some caulking so we could finish the little bit of painting that was left in the kitchen and after it had dried I did the rest of the painting so the PAINTING is finished!  *insert happy dance here*

I’m totally loving the new color and it makes me want to eat a delicious mango every time I walk into my kitchen!  Note to self, buy mangos at next grocery store visit.  We have a few things to do to be completely finished but at least the painting, the major part, is over.  We have been unable to find a replacement grill for the exhaust fan that is original to the house and that’s been a bummer because we have looked and researched and looked some more. 

I drew up a sketch so we can make our own from wood and paint it the color of the walls and make it blend in much better if it were a cream color anyway.  We so will build one, more like Superdad will have to saw and hammer all the wood together and then I can paint it for us.  Voila!   Then there’s a huge open space above the stove that needs something.  I was looking at decorative plates to hang there but I’m in no rush for the “eye candy” just yet because I don’t see it as a necessity.  I will also buy some new rugs that will match down the road along with a new glass cover for the ceiling fan. 

It will come together one day.

Here’s a before picture of my tiny kitchen: 


Odie Langley said…
Amazing transformation & beautifully done.
Supermom said…
Thank you!