Is Facebook hurting the blogging world?

My husband has brought this up to me many times over the past few months when he notices that no one really comments on the blog anymore and such.  I told him that people will mostly comment on Facebook when I share the blog post there.  “But no one can see that if they come to your blog.” he states.  He’s right; if a new person or company comes to the blog they see no interaction with me and my peeps.  Superdad isn’t on Facebook so he has no clue what I post and what interaction I have going on with everyone so if you weren’t following me on Facebook then you wouldn’t know either. 

So, is Facebook hurting the blogging world?

Facebook has made it so easy for us to click a button to “Like” a post and it’s just as simple to comment on a Facebook post.  It’s much easier than clicking on the comment button on a blog and enter your information in to actually comment on the blog post.
Does anyone else notice this?

I use Facebook a lot during the day!  I update my status on a regular basis because having my Droid around makes that super easy!  I post pictures all the time and I post recent blog posts there and when I have a giveaway going on.  If I read an article I like, it goes right on my Facebook wall.  Most sites make it easy because they already have a Facebook and Twitter button to share the story! 

All in all I spend most of my Internet time on Facebook promoting who Supermom is and what she’s got going on.  Then to make it super easy, everything I post on Facebook automatically goes to my Twitter feed so people are seeing it that way too! 

So, what’s your take on all of this?

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I'm actually going to cut and paste my comments from your Facebook wall. No, the irony of this is not lost on me. *lol*

I tend to lean towards, "Yes." < . . .> I like the conversation out there (on my blog) , not just for the traffic, but because people that are my "audience" are not necessarily "friends" on Facebook, but have a lot to add to the conversation when I write about potentially controversial topics.

It's really a double edged sword of sorts though, isn't it? A lot of people who read Barking Mad, including family and friends "outside of the box" use Facebook as a reader of sorts because they don't use Google reader or Feedburner, or something like that...and they typically aren't on Twitter either. So if I don't post to Facebook, when I update my blog, sometimes these people won't check the blog on their own.
Smokydig said…
Michelle so many are unaware how to subscribe or the benefits of doing so Kewl thing about DROID is if you're on any blog you can tap the menu key and there is an option to subscribe to any RSS feeds on that blog easily
I'd say yes, facebook and twitter do take away from the blog world. Easier access on phones and comps help feed this. It is convenience...
Supermom said…
Okay, I am going with a YES too! it is all about convenience and I am guilty of it as well.

I miss comments of the blog and taking the time to comment on other blogs.