I didn’t know there was a
penis vagina game.

I was asked a weird question today. 

Mom, have you played the p e n i s v a g i n a game?  (spelling because there were small children in the van)

Excuse me?

Penis vagina game?  Yeah, you know where someone shouts penis and someone else will shout vagina.

Oh, like Marco Polo?

Yeah, like that.

No, I can say that I haven’t played that game before.

The things you learn about school.


Krista said…
****AAHHHHHHHAAAAA******** Running around with my fingers in my ears!
And this is YOUR child, correct???? Gee, I wonder why this particular game would interest them?? The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. lol
RedMelD said…
Yet another reason I home school! ;-) Had to laugh at Laurie's comment!!!
Supermom said…
Ha ha. I know. I was like "huh" when she told me. The reason it was brought up because someone started the game at lunch yesterday.

Laurie, ha ha, you're funny! :)