Gomez and Hey Rosetta! rocked Asheville last night

Laura and Michelle (me)
and I was so glad to be there!  My gal pal partner in crime Anna was running late so I went ahead and got in line because the doors were opening at 8pm, which turned out to be a good thing because I met Laura.  She was propped up against the wall reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, so we struck up a conversation about Daniel Craig and his hotness only when he’s in Bond movies.  Ha ha. 

Laura and I were together all night, talking about life, singing, dancing and enjoying adult beverages!  It was totally cool that we were singing the songs of the band we love the most!  Anna got there just in time because the first band Hey Rosetta! was finishing up and Gomez would be hitting the stage soon.  Hey Rosetta! was a great band too and I will have to invest in their music because I really enjoyed them! 

Hey Rosetta!

Gomez really rocked Asheville last night and it was fantastic!!!  You all know I have a thing for British men so last night was oh-so good.  Ha ha.  I danced from the moment they started until the last song was played!  I sang along and I moved to the music.  Good times. 

At one point there was a group of older men in front of us having a good time and the one in the middle kept turning around looking at me.  I could tell he’d probably had too much to drink but he was hilarious.  He told me that I should be in front of him dancing, what a line!  He then mentioned that he was married and I told him I was too!  He said you’re probably a nice woman with 2.5 kids at home to which I corrected him, FOUR.  He said, “I already feel like I’m cheating!”  It was adorable so when the next song started I got up and danced behind him!  Poor guy, he really shouldn’t have drunk so much because I don’t know CPR!  He told me that my husband was one lucky guy and Superdad agreed when I told him what the man had said. 

Speaking of older people, the crowd had changed a lot since 2003 when I first saw Gomez at The Orange Peel.  Back then it was like college students but this time the crowd was different, some young, some my age and a lot older than me.  It was a mixed crowd last night. 

Me and Anna
Anyway, I met someone amazing, Laura, and I got to hear a new band (to me) Hey Rosetta! and I got to jam out to one of my favorite bands, Gomez, with my friend Anna, who is now a Gomez fan! 

Life is good.