Bloody Mary please.

Today I had the pleasure of enjoying lunch downtown sitting outside at The Grove Arcade with a friend of mine!  We had great food and I even enjoyed a Bloody Mary.  It’s rare that I will drink during the day but I hear my friend mention martini so I chimed in with a “Bloody Mary please”.   HA HA!

That’s what you call peer pressure!  NO, I TEASE!!!  It’s not actually peer pressure at all because she didn’t have me in a headlock making me order an alcoholic beverage.  *smiling*

We talked, laughed and talked!  It was a lovely lunch hour indeed.  It felt weird not having to cut anyone’s food, wipe their mouth or have to take them to the bathroom!!!  I’m also glad that I didn’t offer to do any of those with my friend because she would have laughed at me!  It’s rare that I have a lunch date that doesn’t include almond butter and jelly sandwiches with bear crackers.  Know what I mean?

After she headed back to work I was walking to the van when I noticed how fuzzy the drink had made me feel.  It just so happens that I was in front of True Confections when I felt this because they have the best peanut butter pie you will ever eat there!!  Coincidence??  I think not!  I call Superdad, who works downtown, and tell him where I am.  He comes over as I’m about to place my order and I confess that I have to sober up some before driving home.

I am a very smart Supermom and would never ever drink and drive!  Just like texting and driving.  NO NO!!  Do not do it, EVER!!  Got it?!?!?

So, I’m sitting there with my peanut butter pie and coffee when I see someone that I know walking downtown so I go holler (yes, I’m southern) at them!  She comes inside and we talk because we haven’t seen each other in years!  She’s super nice and I’m glad that I was able to see her today!  Life is funny that way! 

You get fuzzy from a drink, take a rest to sober up with coffee and run into a great person you haven’t seen in years!  She said it was nice to see me without kids!  Yeah, it’s odd to think of me not having the kids with me. 

That’s been my day! Now, I’m going to finish reading Catching Fire, the book that comes after The Hunger Games.  Yes, my life has stopped to read these books.  I need to vacuum, I need to dust, I need to pick up the toys, I need to work and I need to wash clothes but NO, not until this book is finished.  I don’t have the third book yet so I can clean and do all that other stuff before I get it!  That can be the rule, Supermom cannot read the third book until the house work is done.  Sounds like motivation to me.

Tresor Paris Avallon Bracelet
Marlene brought me a surprise today at lunch and I want to thank Jewels that Dance for the beautiful bracelet!  I love it!!!  It’s a pleasure working with you all and I’m thankful for being able to know you!  Check out their site and please follow them on Facebook!