came to the rescue for our kitchen DIY project.

When I had the brilliant idea to redo the kitchen, I knew that I wanted that ugly blind to go away since it was in the house when Superdad bought it.  There are three of them covering these big windows in the living room and kitchen.  The blinds get all icky and dirty since the house doesn't have air conditioning and we leave the windows open during the summer months.

I reached out to Blindster about replacing the ugly blind with a beautiful natural colored roman shade and guess what?????  They sent me one for FREE for my kitchen DIY remodel!!!  I was so tickled when it came in the mail and couldn't wait to hang it but I had to wait for the painting to be finished before I was able to do that.


The roman shade is hung now and it brings the kitchen all together!  One of the things I love about the shade is that it blocks out sunlight.  When the sun is setting it just blares in the kitchen window and one window in the living room so having this option is great!  I know that it will come in handy in the summer blocking out some heat since the house doesn’t have air conditioning.


Blindster was very easy to use and there are so many different choices that you can choose from that will fit any room in your house!  I will be using them again when it’s time to change the living room blinds!

Blindster began with a vision to create a company that truly has their customer's interests at heart.  In today's world of corporate greed Blindster is proving that a company can be successful with a focus on customer satisfaction over maximizing profits.  We don't make money on every sale, but we do what's right and at the end of the day we are profitable...and sleep very well at night.

Our Goal:  Offer quality, custom made window coverings at affordable prices and provide world class customer service.  We want to add you to our many thousands of happy customers!

Our Motto:  We don't just want customers, we want customers for life!

Thank you Blindster for helping make my kitchen DIY project much easier and for making my kitchen so pretty!

** sent Supermom the roman shade for free in exchange for advertising.  The opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**